How do you get more monorail pieces in tapped out?

How do you get more monorail pieces in tapped out?

So here’s the deal…you’ll need to Gather Trash, Metal, Plastic and Glass and use those items to hand in projects at the Rail Yard. From the Rail Yard you’ll get Blue Prints. Those Blueprints will equate to you unlocking different prizes for the Monorail.

What does the rail yard do in tapped out?

Rail Yard Permanent Prizes This permanent feature gives the player the opportunity to get 16 Track Pieces and 5 Donuts every week. The counter is reset every Tuesday.

How many monorail stations tapped out?

Buildings that are part of the Monorail Stations Building Group. As of August 11th, 2015, 6 locations are part of the group.

What does Lyle Lanley do in tapped out?

About. Lyle Lanley is a con artist that sold project of monorails to several cities in order to leave town with the money before people find out that he sabotaged them.

How do I get to the monorail tunnel?

Only two can be obtained. It can only be placed and moved along the mountain range between regular Springfield and Springfield Heights. In order to move it, the player must have unlocked the land on both sides of the mountain. Unlike the Springfield Heights Tunnel, the Monorail Tunnel can be stored.

How do you get Springfield Heights in tapped out?

Players must be at level 30 to begin the expansion. On December 2, 2015, Springfield Heights Expansion (chapter two) was released, providing new content, a new currency, a new character and more land.

How do I uninstall Lyle Lanley?

He is removed upon the completion of A Rail of One City Pt. 4. But sometimes, an annoying bug happens where Lyle disappears and appears back after the player relogs. If you tap after this bug triggers, Lyle has no job.

Who played the monorail guy Simpsons?

Lyle Lanley is a con artist and shyster who sold faulty monorails to several towns, including Springfield….Lyle Lanley.

Gender: Male ♂
Occupation: Con Artist
First Appearance: “Marge vs. the Monorail”
Voiced by: Phil Hartman