How do you prevent cut edge corrosion?

How do you prevent cut edge corrosion?

Prevention would include treatment of the cut edges with a protective coating system when the building is being built but this rarely happens in practice. Therefore the development of cut edge corrosion treatments has become a popular way of extending the life of coil coated cladding materials.

What is cut edge corrosion?

Cut edge corrosion is where the exposed edges of factory-coated cladding become weathered and corroded after time. Timely treatment of cut edge corrosion will extend the life of your cladding system and can also stop or guard against roof leaks, hence saving on the cost of replacing the cladding.

What is girosil?

Girosil is a New Silicone and Urethane, Moisture Tolerant, Solvent Free Coating, lets explore this revolutionary product. Laminar fakes overlap inside the coating making it almost impossible for moisture to corrode the substrate. Girosil is a new high tech, incredibly robust, coating system developed by Giromax.

What is cut edge protection?

Cut edge corrosion occurs on metal sheets. This coating prevents the underlying metal from being corroded by the elements and improves its appearance. After the cladding is cut to size in a factory the cut edge has no coated protection and the metal is exposed.

How do you treat galvanized metal after cutting?

Thoroughly wire brush the affected area, heat it with a blow torch to 300°C and apply a special zinc alloy rod or powder to obtain required repair coating thickness. This may, however, be difficult or too time-consuming to carry out on erected steelwork, or on awkward, or inaccessible areas.

How does cut edge corrosion occur?

Cut edge corrosion starts when the metal sheets are then attached to a roof or elevation of a building. As the steel edges are exposed to oxygen they are prone to corrosion which is exacerbated by water and pollutants. Over time the factory coating can then peel back from the uncovered edges.

What is cut edge in a graph?

In graph theory, a bridge, isthmus, cut-edge, or cut arc is an edge of a graph whose deletion increases the graph’s number of connected components. For a connected graph, a bridge can uniquely determine a cut.

Will galvanized metal rust if cut?

While the degree of cut edge rust that occurs on even the most well cut galvanized sheet can be aesthetically unacceptable, such corrosion does not detract from the structural integrity of the component. Also, until the zinc on the surface near the cut edge has been consumed, the degree of rust will change very little.

Does cut galvanized steel rust?

Which is BBA approved cut edge corrosion treatment?

the future in cut edge corrosion treatment BBA accredited and guaranteed for upto 20 years, GIROSIL by GIROMAX Technology extends the life of commercial roofing and cladding, delivering benefits which supersede old silicone systems.

Which is the best coating for cut edge corrosion?

GIROSIL® Edge RC-E is the most technologically capable coating solution used in the treatment of cut edge corrosion in roofs, gutters and cladding.

What kind of roofing technology does giromax use?

For over 20 years, GIROMAX TECHNOLOGY have paved the way in Profiled Steel Roofing Refurbishment, delivering market leading protective roof coating systems. From Cut Edge Corrosion to complete Roof Coating and Gutter Repair, our Silicone-based systems were the high-performance products to beat.

How does girosil edge protect against water damage?

Uniquely, both GIROSIL® Base and GIROSIL® SE Sealant stabilise the substrate using laminar flake technology that seals and bonds with corrosion. Solvent free GIROSIL® Edge RC-E then prevents rainwater re-entering the lap. It can easily accommodate sheet movement and remains unaffected by UV and temperature.