How do you retweet on Twitter with a comment?

How do you retweet on Twitter with a comment?

Step 1: Log into your Twitter account. Step 2: Go to that particular tweet you want to Retweet. Step 4: If you want to add a comment to your Retweet, select ‘Retweet with comment’ option. Step 5: If you want to add a comment to your Retweet, then fill out the “Add a comment” field.

How do you retweet and reply on Twitter at the same time?

Nested retweet This is where you retweet with a nested comment. This will appear above the original tweet. Hover over the bottom of the tweet and click or tap on retweet. Add a comment and then click or tap on retweet again.

Why is Twitter only letting me retweet with comment?

This has confused a lot of Twitter users, who believe they can only quote tweet now. Twitter actually announced this change earlier this month. The reason for the update is to help curb mass retweeting of misinformation and fake news in the weeks heading into the U.S. presidential election.

How do I retweet with a comment on my phone?

Rolling out on iPhone and web, coming soon to Android.”…From mobile apps:

  1. Tap the Retweet icon.
  2. Tap Quote Tweet.
  3. Add a comment and tap Tweet.
  4. The Tweet will then be shared with your followers as a quote Tweet!

How do you quote a tweet in a reply?

How to Use the Quote Tweets feature

  1. Click on the tweet you want to quote tweet.
  2. Click on the icon, and two options will show Retweet and Quote Tweet.
  3. Select Quote Tweet.
  4. A dialog box should pop up, in which you could type the comment you want to add to your quote tweet on the text box.

How do you retweet with a quote?

In a web browser, go to, open the tweet to quote, select Retweet > Quote Tweet > type a comment > Retweet. On the app, tap the tweet to quote, tap Retweet > Quote Tweet > enter a comment in the text box, and tap Retweet.

How do you retweet a tweet without retweeting?

Tap on your screen to move your cursor to the end of the URL. Next, type and add “/video/1” to the tail end of the URL. You’re now all set to select the “Tweet” button. You have now shared the video with all of your followers without having to retweet the original tweet.

How do you add a retweet to a thread?

  1. Tap the compose icon.
  2. Pull down from the compose window and tap Continue Thread to Add to your last Tweet.
  3. Add content, and tap Tweet to add to your thread.
  4. To add a thread to an earlier Tweet, click to Select another Tweet.

How do I attach a tweet to a reply?

Type the “@” symbol before the username(s) when addressing a particular account(s). Example: “I’m Tweeting on @Twitter!” Click or tap Tweet to post. Note: If your Tweet is a reply, the icon to post will say Reply.

How do you retweet on Twitter without commenting?

To retweet without quote tweeting, just don’t add a comment. Simply hit retweet the icon on the tweet and then the retweet button from the pop-up composer. You can totally skip the add your own comment/media bit.

Why can’t I send tweets on Twitter?

Trouble sending Tweets can often be attributed to a need to upgrade your browser or app. If you’re having trouble Tweeting via the web, make sure you’re using the latest version of your browser. If you can’t Tweet with an official Twitter app, check to make sure you’ve downloaded any available updates.