How do you solve the New York Times crossword?

How do you solve the New York Times crossword?

Simultaneously press “CTRL and F” on Windows or “CMD and F” on MacOS to highlight the clue text. That done, your unsolvable puzzle will be solved in a jiffy. The New York Times Crossword was incepted in 1942, initially only on the Sunday New York Times Magazine.

How big is a Sunday NYT crossword puzzle?

Apart from Sundays when the crossword can be as big as 21 x 21 squares- or sometimes 25 x 25 squares- other crosswords usually measures 15 × 15 squares. Sunday’s puzzles come in two levels (easy and difficult) so you are never short of choices regardless of your level of expertise.

Is the New York Times crossword on Android?

The exponential increment of the number of New York Crossword enthusiasts has also led to the creation of a mobile-optimized version of the puzzle. It is actually available on both Android and iOS platforms now so you can download and conveniently play it on your smartphone or tablet.

What was the original name of the New York colony?

In 1664 the Dutch surrendered the colony to the English and it was renamed New York, after the Duke of York. The New York Colony was originally called the Province of New York (from 1664), and later New York. The original boundaries of the New York Colony included present-day New York State, New Jersey, Delaware, and Vermont.

What did the 13 colonies do in the Revolutionary War?

Summary: Thirteen Colonies The 13 colonies were the group of colonies that rebelled against Great Britain, fought in the Revolutionary War, and founded the United States of America. Here’s the 13 colonies list:

When did the Thirteen Colonies declare their independence?

On July 4, 1776, the thirteen colonies declared themselves free and independent states at the Second Continental Congress by signing the Declaration of Independence. The Revolutionary War ended at Yorktown in October 1781, when Americans captured the British army there.