How heavy are the h2o tails?

How heavy are the h2o tails?

The custom costumes took six months to build, with the tails and tops made from body casts and comprising individually hand-crafted scales. The finished product weighs between 12 and 15 kilograms (26 and 33 lb). Inside the tail are leg straps where the girls are strapped up and then zipped up.

What color is an h2o mermaid tail?

bronze color
A Mermaid Tail is a bronze color and is very long.

Are the tails in mako mermaids real?

Behind the scenes A tail is made with a cast around the actor’s/actress’s legs, and is custom made. The fins are made using the modelling material, and painted. Method explained by Indiana Evans or “Isabella Hartley” on the Nickelodeon site.

Was Mako Mermaids filmed underwater?

Jonathan M Shiff, producer of Mako Mermaids. The production is based at Village Roadshow Studios (VRS), where the Mako “Moon Pool” underwater scenes are filmed in the studio’s water tanks. Scenes are also shot on location at Broadwater Parklands, Burleigh/Tallebudgerra, Somerset College Robina and at Sea World.

What color is a mermaids tail?

Mermaid’s Tail color is primarily a color from Green color family. It is a mixture of green color.

What are the Mako mermaid tails made of?

A tail is made with a cast around the actor’s/actress’s legs, and is custom made. After the tails are made, some clay or flexible modelling material is put in the gaps, then is used to build up the shape. Then, the tails get more than 5000 scales put on by hand, and isn’t easy.

Is the H2O Mermaid tail a swimming aid?

Please note: The H2O mermaid tail is NO SWIMMING AID. Only use for good swimmers! The mermaid tail costume H2O is coulored in shining yellow and orange. The high quality digitally printed fishscales look like real.

What kind of fabric is a mermaid tail made out of?

With this genuine H2O costume you become a real swimming mermaid. The mermaid tail skin is made from high elastic swimsuit fabric (80% Polyamide, 20% Lycra).

Can a mermaid tail set be transported without a bikini?

You can choose the bikini size from a large range. If you like, order the mermaid tail set H2O without bikini. With the included Magictail backpack “Mermaizing M” you can transport your complete H2O mermaid tail set easily. The backpack “Mermaizing M” is not waterproof.