How heavy do you have to be to sail a Laser Radial?

How heavy do you have to be to sail a Laser Radial?

The Radial uses the same hull and fittings as the Laser Standard, but has a smaller sail (5.8 m²) than the Standard with a different cut, and has a shorter lower mast section. Optimal weight for this rig is 121 to 159 pounds (55 to 72 kg).

Whats the difference between a laser and a Laser Radial?

The Laser Radial uses exactly the same hull and most of the same parts as the Laser raced by the men. The only difference between the two is the size of the sail and lower section of the mast, ensuring competitive racing in identical boats.

How long is a Laser Radial mast?

Length overall (LOA): 4.23m / 13ft 10.5in. Length waterline (LWL): 3.81m / 12ft 6in. Beam: 1.42m / 4ft 8in.

What is the difference between a Laser Radial and Full Rig?

Radial Rig – Used as the women’s Olympic class, and designed for sailors 140 – 175 lbs. Full or Standard Rig – Used as the men’s Olympic class, and designed for sailors 165 lbs. + (75 kg+).”Olympic sailors are in the 180 lbs. range but club sailors do well weighing in over 200 lbs.

What is the ideal weight for a Laser Radial?

between 60 and 75 Kg
The optimal sailors weight for the Laser Radial is between 60 and 75 Kg. The Laser Radial is one of the biggest internationally recognized one-design race classes.

Can an adult sail a Laser Bug?

The Bug carries on the evolution of the rotomolded dinghy. With the race sail, it moves right along, even with a full-sized adult.

What is radial Laser?

The Laser Radial is a variant of the Laser standard, with shorter mast and reduced sail area, allowing light sailors to sail in heavy winds. The International Class is recognised by World Sailing.

What is Laser Radial race?

Outfitted with a 19% smaller sail and shorter, more flexible mast than the Laser, the Laser Radial is the perfect racing class boat for small adults, women, and youth alike. The Laser Radial comes standard as the Laser Radial Race version. …

How long is a laser top section?

Laser Mast Top Section

  • Works for Full Rig, Radial, and 4.7 masts.
  • Weight: 2.75kg.
  • Length: 3.6m.
  • With plastic Laser Performance Fittings.
  • Aluminium lightweight material.
  • Class legal.

How long is a Laser sailboat boom?

The Laser is 4.06 m (13 ft 10 in) long, with a waterline length of 3.81 m (12 ft 6 in). The hull weight is 59 kg (130 lb).

Is a laser faster than a sunfish?

Lasers are unquestionably faster than Sunfish except in drifters or if it blowing about 25 (when it is blowing 25 good Laser sailors are still going faster than a Sunfish can go, but most Laser sailors are not physical enough and a Sunfish will go faster than they can sail their Laser.)

How much does a Laser 2 weigh?

Laser 2

Hull weight 76 kg (168 lb)
LOA 4,370 mm (14.34 ft)
Beam 1,420 mm (4.66 ft)