How long has Komar been making photo wallpapers?

How long has Komar been making photo wallpapers?

Our Komar photomurals have been captivating customers for nearly 50 years. Our product range features a varied mix of urban photography, floral designs, fascinating landscape shots, creative collages and child-friendly motifs. Our wallpapers are designed and produced with the utmost care from draft to print.

How many countries do Komar wall decorations go to?

As a specialist for individual wall design, we achieve approx. 70% of our turnover by exporting products to over 100 countries, impressing customers with our varied and striking wall decorations all over the world.

Can a Komar photomural be used in an office?

Creativly and stylishly furnishing your home office is easy with Komar photomurals. A large selection of office photomurals offer the opportunity to decorate the home office in style.

Can a photomural be used on a bedroom wall?

To make the sleeping area cozy and warm, large-format photomurals can be used on the wall: from natural landscape wallpaper to modern 3D photomurals to Feng Shui wellness wallpapers, there are many different designs for your bedroom wall. The kitchen is the real focal point for all families – it’s where they cook, laugh and live.

When did Komar start making photomurals in Germany?

Since 1967, Komar Products has stood for innovative ideas, design and quality in the printed sector. With our high-quality paper and non-woven photomurals, we are known well beyond Germany’s borders and have become a leading manufacturer in our sector.

Who is the leading manufacturer of photomurals in Germany?

Komar Products GmbH & Co. KG has been producing and selling photomurals for over 50 years and has developed into one of the leading manufacturers in the photomural industry over the decades. We pay special attention to the highest quality and individual design – two aspects that have a decisive influence on the success of Komar photomurals.