How long is an 11 slot Picatinny rail?

How long is an 11 slot Picatinny rail?

11 usable slots and a max overall length of 4.9″.

How many Picatinny slots are in a M-LOK?

5 Slots
Magpul M-LOK Polymer Rail, 5 Slots All hardware necessary for attachment directly to M-LOK Slots on either aluminum or polymer hand guards and forends is included. 5 Slots, max overall length of 2.5 in.

What is the longest Picatinny rail?

LongShot™ manufactures the largest size range of aluminum MIL-STD-1913 Picatinny rails for the M-LOK mounting system, with lengths from 3-slots (1.600″) to 40-slots (16.154″) long, to maximize the functionality of your weapon.

How long is a 13 slot Picatinny rail?

BipodeXt Picatinny Rail M-LOK Kit Our M-LOK rails have 13 slots, their overall length is 5.5″.

How long is a 15 slot Picatinny rail?

GrovTec US Keymod Picatinny Rail, 6″ Length, 15 Slots, Black.

Can you convert M-Lok to Picatinny?

The Two-Slot M-LOK to Picatinny Rail Adapter allows you to use your favorite M-LOK attachments and accessories on the classic Picatinny rail system that many rifles still utilize. Giving you two slots of M-LOK rail space, shooters will have no problem fixating their HS1 to their rail systems.

How long is a 7 slot M-Lok rail?

7 Slots, max overall length of 3.3″. Made in U.S.A.

How long is a 17 slot Picatinny rail?

-17 Slot (7.630″ OAL) M-LOK Compatible Picatinny Rail machined from billet Aircraft Quality Aluminum to Picatinny dimensions.

What is the width of a Picatinny rail?

Design & specifications The Picatinny locking slot width is 0.206 in (5.23 mm). The spacing of slot centers is 0.394 in (10.01 mm) and the slot depth is 0.118 in (3.00 mm).

Will M-LOK work on Picatinny rail?

The number of MLOK compatible direct mount accessories is growing everyday and you can always get rail strips to mount common Picatinny accessories. Their basic polymer handguards now contain MLOK slots so if all you want is a basic low-cost handguard with some options, their handguards will be a great choice.

Is Picatinny compatible with M-LOK?