How many employees does Virginia Community College have?

How many employees does Virginia Community College have?

In support of its mission and services, the System currently has nearly 6,800 full-time employees, more than 9,000 adjunct professors, and an additional 4,200 part-time employees, as well as an annual budget of more than $1 billion.

What is a workforce credential?

New Economy Workforce Credential Grant This grant program, the first of its kind, provides a pay-for-performance model for funding noncredit workforce training that leads to a credential in a high demand field.

What is nova workforce?

NOVA is a nonprofit, federally funded employment and training agency that provides customer-focused workforce development services. PURPOSE STATEMENT: NOVA’s purpose is to support workforce mobility by easing workers’ transitions from opportunity to opportunity throughout their career cycles.

How many colleges are in the Virginia Community College?

23 colleges
With 23 colleges on 40 campuses across the Commonwealth, Virginia’s Community Colleges offer many educational choices.

Are community colleges run by the state?

Most community colleges are operated within special districts that draw property tax revenue from the local community, as a division of a state university, or as a sister institution within a statewide higher education system.

What does Vccs mean?


Acronym Definition
VCCS Voltage Controlled Current Source
VCCS Voice Communication Control Systems (air traffic management)
VCCS Voice Communication and Control System
VCCS Vapor Cycle Cooling System (military aviation)

What are industry credentials?

“Industry credentials” are a popular trend in modern education. An industry-issued or recognized credential (or an education- or work-related credential) is a verification of a person’s qualifications or competence, issued by a third party with the relevant authority to issue such credentials…

Does Nova offer winter classes?

Winter Intersession is the perfect time to get ahead or make up a class. Most courses are online offering you the flexibility to fit classes into your busy schedule. Classes typically begin mid-December. Please check back in the fall for more information on our winter course offerings.

What schools are in the Virginia Community College System?

Our Colleges

  • Mountain Empire Community College.
  • Virginia Highlands Community College.
  • Southwest Virginia Community College.
  • Wytheville Community College.
  • New River Community College.
  • Dabney S. Lancaster Community College.
  • VCCS Shared Services Center.
  • Virginia Western Community College.

Who runs community colleges in California?

The California Community Colleges Chancellor’s Office (CCCCO) oversees the community college system, which consists of 112 community colleges in 72 districts.

What are the benefits of working at a Community College in Virginia?

Our employees enjoy a variety of benefits provided through the Commonwealth of Virginia (State) and/or the Virginia Community College System policy. Employees will have access to a broad spectrum of health care services through Anthem Blue Cross/Blue Shield of Virginia.

Is the Virginia Community College System an equal opportunity employer?

The Virginia Community College System Office is an Equal Opportunity employer and is committed to fostering, cultivating and sustaining a culture of diversity and inclusion. The VCCS encourages applications from women, minorities, veterans and those with disabilities in our effort to reflect our diverse society.

What does Community College Workforce Alliance do for You?

We help job seekers find the path that is best for them and earn the certifications of skills they need to succeed—which results in employees that are best for employers. The Community College Workforce Alliance prepares workers in central Virginia for an ever-evolving modern workforce.

How many community colleges are there in Virginia?

Our System: The Virginia Community College System (VCCS) is comprised of 23 community colleges located on 40 campuses throughout the Commonwealth of Virginia.