How many kV is an insulator?

How many kV is an insulator?

Pin type insulator can be one part, two parts or three parts type, depending upon application voltage. In a 11 kV system we generally use one part type insulator where whole pin insulator is one piece of properly shaped porcelain or glass.

Which type of insulator is used in 132 kV?

Solution(By Morningexam Team) The insulators are used on 132 kV transmission lines is Disc type.

Which insulator is used in 11kV line?

Shackle insulator cons

Insulator Voltage capacity Use
Pin insulator < 33 kV Distribution system
Post insulator 11 kV to 765 kV Substation system
Suspension insulator > 11 kV (High) Transmission system
Shackle insulator < 33 kV Distribution system

What is the capacity of 11kV line?

An 11 kV distribution circuit may carry 150 A in each of its three phases, thus transmitting a power of 3 MW.

What type of insulator is 33kv?

Stay insulators are also known as strain insulators and are generally used up to 33 kV line.

What is the safety factor of an insulator?

Safety factor of insulator: The ratio of puncture strength to flash over voltage is called as safety factor. It is desirable to have high value of safety factor so that a flash-over takes place before the insulator gets punctured. For pin type insulators, the value of safety factor is about 10.

Where is strain type insulator used?

A strain insulator is an electrical insulator that is designed to work in mechanical tension (strain), to withstand the pull of a suspended electrical wire or cable. They are used in overhead electrical wiring, to support radio antennas and overhead power lines.

Which material is used for insulation in high voltage cables?

Impregnated paper is the most popular insulating material, especially for the land installations in the H.V and EHV lines. Polymer insulation is preferably used in new installations like DC and the submarine system. Around 83% of HV cables are paper insulated.

What is the name of the insulator used in OH line?

Most commonly used material for overhead line insulators is porcelain. But glass, steatite and some other special composite material may also be used sometimes.

Which of the insulators is used in HT line only?

Disc Insulators are used in low tension (HT) lines and high tension (HT) lines. It is also made up of porcelain material. The disc insulators are only used at starting pole, dead-end pole, and anchoring pole.

What will be the span of transmission line carrying a voltage of 11kV?

Span of transmission line carrying voltage of 11 kV is 100 m.

What kind of insulator is used in 33 kV?

The pin type insulator diagram is shown below. These insulators are still used in 33 kV power distribution systems. These insulators are available in different parts like 1 part, 2 parts or 3 parts type based on the voltage of application.

When do you use a pin type insulator?

The insulator pin can damage the thread of an insulator. For above 50KV, these insulators will become uneconomical and bulky. This insulator is used in power transmission lines for up to 33kV. Instead of using two suspension type insulators, pin type insulator is used.

How is a live conductor attached to a pin insulator?

The live conductor attached to the top of the pin insulator which is at the live potential. We fix the bottom of the insulator to supporting structure of earth potential. The insulator has to withstand the potential stresses between conductor and earth.

What are the different types of insulators used in transmission lines?

Pin, Suspension, and Strain insulators are used in medium to high voltage systems. While Stay and Shackle Insulators are mainly used in low voltage applications. Pin insulators are the earliest developed overhead insulator, but are still commonly used in power networks up to 33 kV system.