How much does a 15 hp Tohatsu outboard weight?

How much does a 15 hp Tohatsu outboard weight?

94.7 lbs.

Engine (No. of Cylinder) 2
Oil Capacity 1.07 qt. (1 L)
Fuel Tank 3.1 US Gal. (12 Lit) Separate Fuel Tank (Tiller models)
Weight* 94.7 lbs. (43 kg)
Alternator Output Optional: 12V, 145W, 12A (Standard on Electric Start Models)

Does Tohatsu still make 2-stroke?

Tohatsu 2-strokes are world famous for their reliability, terrific-horsepower-to-weight ratios and top-of-the-line performances!…SPECIFICATIONS.

Engine Two Stroke 3 Cylinder
Max. RPM Range 5,000 – 5,700
Start In Gear Protection Standard
Thermostat Controlled Cooling System Standard
Through-The-Prop Exhaust Standard

How much does a 15 hp Yamaha outboard cost?

15″ Shaft, Pull Start, Manual Tilt and Trim, Tiller steering. Includes the gas line….Details.

Make Yamaha
Model F15SMHA
Year 2021
Condition New
Price $3,210.00

How fast is a 15 hp boat motor?

I clocked my setup with gps at 28 mph with me and my gear. Me and just the boat it will hit 32 mph on glass days. 2 guys and gear takes it down to about 20 to 22 mph.

How much does a 15HP outboard weight?

Obviously motor weights have many variables, including age, size, accessories, and type. Here is a quick list of average weights for some popular models: 15 hp – 122 lbs. 25 hp – 155 lbs.

What is the lightest 15 hp outboard motor?

As the lightest outboard in its class and one of the quietest 4-strokes ever built, the 15HP is a great example of Suzuki’s excellence in engineering. Click the Additional Information tab to find out what makes the 15HP Suzuki an exceptional value.

What engines does Tohatsu make?

Tohatsu offers an outstanding line up of four stroke outboard motors, including the 140 hp, 115 hp, 90 hp, 75 hp, 60 hp, 50 hp, 40 hp, 30 hp and 25 hp outboard motors.

What is the lightest 15 hp outboard?

How fast does a 9.9 HP go?

Assuming this is a light 14′ utility boat and a standard 9.9, Mercury would recommend a 8.5 to 9.5 pitch prop for the OP’s application and predicts a top speed around 20 mph. In my experience with similar craft and outboards, this sounds very reasonable.

How many HP does a Tohatsu outboard have?

Online Outboards is proud to offer a broad mix of Tohatsu Boat Motors from 2.5 HP to 20 HP. So, whether it’s fishing, sailing, or just being out on the water, we sell Tohatsu Motors for every occasion.

How much does a Tohatsu propane motor cost?

2021 Tohatsu 5 HP MFS5DLPGS Propane Outboard Motor $ 1,771.00 $ 1,449.00 2021 Tohatsu 6 HP MFS6DWDL Outboard Motor $ 1,734.00 $ 1,469.00

What kind of engine does the Tohatsu mfs15 have?

We do our best to provide you with the best engine we possibly can. That’s why we have taken our 15 hp model and made it better by introducing our MFS15hp Electronic Fuel Injection (EFI) which is the lightest 4-stroke battery-less EFI 15hp model in the industry!

What kind of market does Tohatsu Motors serve?

Since 1956 Tohatsu Motors has served in a variety of marine markets, from recreation boating to commercial fishing industry and even the military. The trust that commercial fishermen and the military have put in Tohatsu is due to consistent quality and reliability.