How much does a 40 ft scissor lift weight?

How much does a 40 ft scissor lift weight?

10560 lb
Machine Weight: 10560 lb / 4789.94 kg. Drive Speed – Platform Elevated: 0.40 mph / 0.64 km/h. Drive Speed – Platform Lowered: 3 mph / 4.83 km/h.

How wide is a 40 foot scissor lift?


Model Number GS-4069DC 4069LE
Manufacturer Genie JLG
Platform Height 40′ 40′
Stowed Height 108″ 110.5″
Overall Dimensions 123″ x 69″ 120″ x 69″

How much does it cost to lease a scissor lift?

On average the scissor lift rental price is is $100 to $150 per day. Weekly rates can be from $350 to $500. Monthly rates can range from $800 to $1,500 or more depending on the size of the lift. Since scissor lifts require delivery and pickup, there is usually an added fee of about $150 for those services.

How wide is a narrow scissor lift?

32 inches wide
A narrow scissor lift is typically 32 inches wide, so they will fit through your standard doorway.

How much does a 20 scissor lift Cost?

New Scissor Lift Prices A new 19′ scissor lift has an average cost between $10,000 and $15,000, depending on specifications and type. 20′ and 30′ scissor lifts may cost as much as $50,000. 35′ to 60′ scissor lifts range in price from $20,000 to $75,000, depending on the features and specifications of the model.

How much does a Genie scissor lift Cost?

Genie lift hire prices vary depending on size, load capacities, age, and maximum height. Moreover, there are better deals available if you rent for longer periods. But why would a company rent a Genie lift rather than buy? The average purchase price for a 19ft scissor lift ranges between $10,000 and $16,000.

How wide is a small scissor lift?

Mini Scissor Lift

• 28″ extendable cantilever platform • Self locking safety gate on platform
• 500 lbs. capacity • Platform length: 57″
• Provides working heights to 19′ 0″ • Platform width: 28″
• Maximum raised platform height of 12′ • Base size: 30″ x 57″
• Platform height (fully lowered) 3+6″ • (2)12 volt DC powered

How wide is a 32 ft scissor lift?

46 to 47 inches wide
The wide 32-foot electric scissor lift is perfect for the taller inside jobs. You need a little more room for this lift since it is 46 to 47 inches wide depending on which manufacturers.

What is the width of a standard scissor lift?


Specificatijon Value
Max Working Height 44 ft 11 in
Capacity 550 lb
Machine Width 3 ft 11 in
Machine Length 8 ft 2 in

What are the sizes of scissor lifts?

Scissor lifts can extend as high up as 60 ft., or about one-third the height of the tallest aerial lift. Most working heights range from 20-40 ft. Scissor lifts have less reach power than boom lifts but can hold more weight. Many scissor lifts have an unrestricted weight limit of 1,000 lbs.

Where can I rent a scissor lift narrow?

No matter the issue, a solution is a phone call away to your local Sunbelt support team. Sunbelt Rentals equipment is maintained to ensure it’s ready for your job. Rent 40-44′ Electric Scissor Lift Narrow with confidence from Sunbelt Rentals.

What are the different types of scissor lifts?

Scissor lifts come in two main types: Electric Scissor Lifts, used primarily for indoor applications, and Rough Terrain Scissor Lifts, used outdoors to navigate uneven or unstable terrain. Electric Scissor Lifts are ideal for interior or exterior applications where ample working space and lifting capacity is needed,…

Why do you need an electric scissor lift?

ELECTRIC SCISSORLIFTS. Electric Scissor Lifts are utilized where less reach and height but more workspace and lifting capacity are required. They are designed to provide larger platform work areas and generally allow for heavier loads than most boom lifts.

Do you need a harness for a scissor lift?

Choose from a range of electric scissor lifts ideal for indoor applications and rough terrain scissor lifts for traversing slopes, uneven terrain and mud. Does OSHA require a harness in a scissor lift? Fall protection equipment is required in any situation where a worker’s fall risk is greater than four feet.