How much does a heat pump cost installed?

How much does a heat pump cost installed?

The average cost to install a heat pump is $5,613, typically ranging from $4,068 and $7,160 depending on the size of and type you need. Mini-split systems (installed) cost from $2,000 $14,500. Geothermal and solar tend to cost the most at $6,000 to $40,000.

How much does it cost to replace a 2.5-ton AC heat pump unit?

The cost range to replace a 2.5-ton split system 15 SEER heat pump and indoor fan coil is between $5,345 and $7,820 when installed by a licensed HVAC pro in your area. The prices increase for larger heat pumps and when additional components are also replaced.

What size heat pump do I need for 1600 sq ft home?

Detailed Heat Pump Sizing Chart by Square Footage

Room / Home Size (sq ft) Heat Pump Size for Hot Climate (Zone 1&2) Heat Pump Size for Moderate Climate (Zone 4 & 5)
1,500 36,000 BTU 30,000 BTU
1,600 42,000 BTU 30,000 BTU
1,800 48,000 BTU 36,000 BTU
2,000 54,000 BTU 42,000 BTU

How much does a packaged heat pump cost?

Packaged Heat Pump Systems Cost: $5,700 – $8,000, Installed Average installed cost of a typical 3 ton, 2-stage packaged heat pump will be $5,700 to $8,000 depending on installation factors. Add-ons to improve air quality raise cost.

How much does a carrier heat pump cost?

Carrier ® heat pumps, for example, offer a variety of energy efficiency ratings such as SEER* and HSPF**, various types of comfort-enhancing technologies and even sound ratings. Installed costs might range from anywhere between $3,000 to $15,000 or more. That’s quite a range!

How much does a Bryant heat pump cost?

Heat Pump Prices by Brand Heat Pump Brands SEER Rating Unit Price Bryant 14 – 20 $1,255 to $4,275 Carrier 14 – 20 $1,350 to $4,265 Coleman 13 – 20 $1,100 to $3,675 Daikin HVAC 15 – 18 $1,150 to $3,150

What kind of rating does a ccashp heat pump need?

To qualify, a ccASHP must have an HSPF rating of 10 and a COP of 1.75 or higher at 5°F. Cold climate heat pumps are also compatible with dual fuel systems to reduce heating costs further. ccASHP systems save 30% to 50% annually on utility bills compared to a traditional furnace.