How much does a Kubota LA243 loader weigh?

How much does a Kubota LA243 loader weigh?

Kubota BX2660 Attachments

Kubota LA243 Loader
Height (to pin): 71.3 inches 181 cm
Lift to full height (at pin): 745 lbs 337 kg
Lift to full height (at 500mm): 518 lbs 234 kg
Bucket capacity: 0.18 cu yd 0.1 cu m

How much can bx23s lift?

Lift capacity is 613 lbs (at pivot pin) to a max height of 71”. Rated cycle times (empty) are 3.3 seconds to full raise, 2.5 seconds to full lower, 2.3 seconds to full curl, and 2.7 seconds to full dump.

How much can a BX2380 lift?

Kubota BX2380 The SAE Category I three-point hitch has a 680-pound lift capacity at the 24-inch mark behind the pins. The Kubota BX2380 is 95.5” long with a width 45.1” and height of 83.1” with the ROPS and weight of 1,443 pounds.

What do Kubota model numbers mean?

Kubota Series Identification The model number starts with a letter, which designates which series the tractor belongs to. X Variations – if any series identifier is followed by an X, it is the smallest tractor in the line. BX tractors are 20hp, LX tractors are 30hp, and MX tractors are 40hp.

How much does a BX2660 weigh?

Here is what we know about the Kubota BX2660 Tractor. It has a 3 cylinder Kubota Diesel Engine that produces 25.5 horsepower. This model is a four wheel drive tractor that weigh 1389 pounds.

Can you put a backhoe on a Kubota BX2360?

The BX2360 and BX2660 have no backhoe option. While our preference is for a side-by-side pedal design, the BX2360 arrangement is easy to get used to and does offer well modulated control over the 0-8.4 mph forward and 0-6.2 reverse speed range.

How much weight can my Kubota tractor lift?

It’s small enough to fit your lawn and garden needs, in cluding the ability to attach a 60″ or 72″ mid mount mower. At the same time, it’s powerful enough to still fit larger, compact applications with 1,676 lbs. 3-Point lift capacity 24″ behind and a maximum loader lift capacity at the pin of 1,067 lbs.

What are the different series of Kubota tractors?

BX Series. 16.6 – 24.8 HP. Explore.

  • B01 Series. 20.9 – 24.3 HP. Explore.
  • LX Series. 24.8 – 30.8 HP. Explore.
  • Standard L01 Series. 24.8 – 47.3 HP. Explore.
  • Grand L60 Series. 37.0 – 62.0 HP. Explore.
  • L60LE Series. An affordable 37.0 – 42.0 HP tractor series packed with deluxe features.
  • MX Series. 55.5 – 63.4 HP.
  • M5660SU. 57.9 HP.
  • What do the numbers on a tractor mean?

    The tractor model numbers are comprised of four positions. The first number designates the family while the next three numbers represent the approximate engine horsepower. The second position is the tractor’s approximate engine horsepower.