How much does it cost to bathe in the Blue Lagoon Iceland?

How much does it cost to bathe in the Blue Lagoon Iceland?

It’s Not Cheap. you book online, and 45 euros if you just walk in. If you want to rent a towel, that’s another five euros; a bathrobe, another 10, and cocktails are seven euros each.

Is the Blue Lagoon in Iceland sanitary?

And we do mean “clean” quite literally – the Blue Lagoon strictly enforces its hygiene rules. Guests are required to shower – with soap, not just a rinse – before entering the water out of respect for other bathers and the site itself.

Does the Blue Lagoon in Iceland ruin your hair?

The quick answer will be no, it does not! The water is known worldwide for being like magic for your skin. People travel from all over the world to soak in the water and it’s known to help with psoriasis, acne, dandruff, aging skin, and eczema. So to sum it up, the water is actually great for you AND your hair.

How much does it cost to visit the Blue Lagoon?

There is no entrance fee, but you can expect to pay about $30 for a boat tour.

How much is a Blue Lagoon ticket?

Currently, an entrance ticket to Blue Lagoon Island costs USD 85.24. Guided Blue Lagoon Island tours start around USD 85.24 per person.

How clean is the Blue Lagoon in Iceland?

Regular sampling of this natural resource—which is rich in salt, silica, and other minerals—shows that foreign bacteria do not thrive in the lagoon’s ecosystem. Thus, disinfectants such as chlorine are not needed. In essence, the lagoon is a self-cleaning ecosystem.

Does Blue Lagoon have bacteria?

The average pH is 7.5 and the salt content is 2.5%. Very few organisms live in the water apart from some blue-green algae, despite the water not being artificially disinfected it contains no fecal bacteria, environmental bacteria, fungi, or plants.

Do you have to wash your hair at the Blue Lagoon?

In the Blue Lagoon you will be advised to wash your hair. If you wash your hair before going into the thermal bath, your hair will have less silicia, which makes your hair dry. If you let your hair get wet in the Blue Lagoon, than put on conditioner in your hair.

Does the Blue Lagoon ruin your bathing suit?

The Blue Lagoon’s geothermal seawater will not ruin your swimsuit or cause permanent stains. However, we recommend rinsing your swimsuit with cold water and soap after using the lagoon. Likewise, you can purchase a swimsuit in the shop at Blue Lagoon.

Why is Iceland called the Blue Lagoon?

Random fact: The Blue Lagoon Iceland got its name because the water looks blue when reflected in the sun. In reality though, the water is milky white. Reason to visit: The water of the Blue Lagoon is full of minerals, algae and silica, and it’s really good for your skin.

How to visit Iceland’s Blue Lagoon?

Driving. Driving to the Blue Lagoon will be the most direct route and will give you the most flexibility,but it might not be the answer for everyone.

  • Guided Tours. If you don’t have a rental car or aren’t comfortable with driving,you can opt to take a guided tour to spa.
  • Airport Transfer or Reykjavik Shuttle.
  • What is the best geothermal spa in Iceland?

    The Blue Lagoon is Iceland’s most famous geothermal spa, and the largest. It is best known for its opaque, azure waters, filled with healing minerals; its treatments for those with skin conditions such as psoriasis; and it wide range of luxury features.

    Should you visit the Blue Lagoon?

    Reason to visit: The water of the Blue Lagoon is full of minerals, algae and silica, and it’s really good for your skin. Especially if you have psoriasis or other skin conditions. Best part: The temperatures of the milky water hover between 37 and 39°C all year round.