How much does it cost to go to Luminous Lagoon?

How much does it cost to go to Luminous Lagoon?

TOUR PRICES: Tours of the Luminous Lagoon cost $25 for adults, $12.50 for children under 12.

Where is the glowing water in Jamaica?

Glistening Waters (Luminous Lagoon) in Falmouth. This place is MAGICAL!!! Glistening Waters is a glowing lagoon on the north coast of Jamaica. This marvel is only found in 4 places in the world, however, this lagoon is the brightest of them all due to more consistent climate.

What is the Luminous Lagoon in Jamaica?

The Luminous Lagoon is a bay and natural phenomenon with harmless microorganisms called dinoflagellates that emit blue-looking light when disturbed. When this happens we get bioluminescence in the world which causes a mesmerizing glow of ultra blue light across the lagoon when the water is splashed or touched.

How deep is the Luminous Lagoon in Jamaica?

5 feet deep
The Luminous Lagoon water is only 5 feet deep, allowing you to move freely and watch the tiny harmless creatures light up blue-green around your body. Following your energizing swim adventure in the illuminated waters, your boat will take you back to shore.

Is Jamaica luminous lagoon safe?

Jamaica’s Luminous Lagoon is home to billions of naturally occurring “bioluminescent” microorganisms, i.e. they light up when touched. You can’t see them during the day, but by night, splashing the water causes an eerie blue glow. The tiny organisms are harmless to humans and it’s safe to swim alongside them.

Where are the 4 luminous lagoons located?

The known bioluminescent bays globally are located in Indonesia, Bahamas, Puerto Rico, and of course Jamaica.

Is there bioluminescence in Jamaica?

Is Jamaica Luminous Lagoon safe?

What do you wear to a Luminous Lagoon?

What should I wear to Luminous Lagoon? If you plan to take a dip, wear a swimsuit under a comfy outfit that’s easy to put on and take off. The water’s floor is muddy I’ve been told, so water shoes would probably be ideal. Also remember to carry a towel.

Can you swim in bioluminescent water?

The bioluminescent bay in La Parguera is the only bay in Puerto Rico where swimming is allowed and it adds to the true magical experience of the bay tour. On our bio-lagoon trips you will be provided with snorkel gear so you can dive under the water and swim amongst the glittering organisms.

What causes glistening waters in Jamaica?

On a rainy night, there is nothing more beautiful than to see the glow of every drop that hits the water. This phosphorescence or bioluminescence is caused by the presence of microscopic organisms called dinoflagellates.

Where is the Glistening Waters lagoon in Jamaica?

We put this place on the map. We are situated along the North coast of Jamaica, and located in beautiful Falmouth. Glistening Waters Luminous Lagoon is known around the world as Jamaica’s only night-time attraction and surely on the bucket-list for many people world-wide to see.

Which is the most famous attraction in Jamaica?

GLISTENING WATERS LUMINOUS LAGOON IN JAMAICA IS THE ORIGINAL AND IS RATED THE #1 NIGHT TIME ATTRACTION IN ALL OF JAMAICA! Have you ever heard the phrase, “You’ve got to see it to believe it”, well, this is exactly that! Welcome to Glistening Waters Hotel & Attraction. The Home of the Famous Luminous Lagoon! We put this place on the map.

When do Luminous Lagoon tours start in Jamaica?

Contact your hotel front desk or give us a call for transportation. Luminous Lagoon tours start daily at sunset and run for approximately 45-60 minutes. Give us a call or stop by on your next vacation to Jamaica!

How big is the lagoon bay in Jamaica?

The lagoon and bay is about 3-8 feet, or more, in depth. It’s relatively shallow for the area it covers. Those who wish can enjoy a swim in the lagoon during the boat tour. You will experience the glow all around you as you splash and swim around. An experience like no other, so be sure to bring a swim suit and enjoy!