How much does it cost to install bindings?

How much does it cost to install bindings?


Service Price
Splitboard Binding Mount 0/2 $60
Splitboard Binding Mount 1/2 $30
Splitboard Binding Mount 2/2 FREE
Air Canister Refill $25

Can I put new bindings on old cross country skis?

With most modern flat decked skis its generally possible to change the binding system by removing the old binding and mounting (drilling and screwing) a new binding system onto the ski deck. If the ski has had several bindings mounted on it already it might not be possible to squeeze a new set of holes in.

What is the difference between NNN and SNS?

Their New Nordic Norm (NNN) system differed from Salomon’s by having two ridges on the binding plate that fit into two grooves in the boot, whereas SNS had only one ridge. This remains the same today and is the reason you cannot use Salomon boots on the NNN system (and vice versa).

How much does it cost to mount bindings on new skis?

Usually $40 around here, $20 (or free) if you bought the skis and/or bindings there.

Are NNN and SNS compatible?

The Salomon Nordic System (SNS) bindings are also constructed with a binding rod and ridges. However, the layout of the SNS binding system is slightly different. Therefore, boots and ski bindings designed for SNS use are not compatible with NNN bindings. NNN boots do not work with SNS bindings and vice versa.

Do you need a Turnamic binding for a NIS plate?

Turnamic bindings slide onto this plate and are adjustable, just like the NIS system. If your ski plate has a numbered adjustment mechanism on it and no notches, it’s an IFP plate, and you’ll need a Turnamic binding.

When did the three pin Nordic binding system come out?

This 75mm system was developed in 1927 by Rottefella, which in Norwegian translates to “rat trap”. The three-pin system was great if you had stiff, beefy backcountry boots. But with the flexible sole needed for flat-country skiing the boot was too flimsy for the binding, and control suffered.

What kind of binding do you use on a Nordic ski?

NNN came out with the Nordic Integrated System (NIS) which consists of a plate attached to the ski and the NNN binding which can slide onto it. This allows skiers to adjust their bindings in the field. You can mount any binding – even an SNS binding – onto a ski with an NIS plate.

Can a Profil boot fit in a Nordic binding?

Today, there remain the two nordic systems (SNS and NNN) but there are a few variations in binding types. If you have a Profil boot, it won’t fit in a Pilot binding. However Pilot boots may fit a Profil binding, as long as there is a wide enough groove in the binding plate where the second bar sits.