How much does it cost to travel by train from Rome to Florence?

How much does it cost to travel by train from Rome to Florence?

Rome to Florence by train

Journey time From 1h 17m
Price From $12.05
Distance 144 miles (232 km)
Frequency 81 trains per day
First train 00:17

Should I buy train tickets from Rome to Florence in advance?

If you decide to take a regional or Intercity train from Rome to Florence, then you don’t need to purchase your tickets in advance. You do NOT need to validate any tickets for the high-speed trains, as you have a specific seat number, and the ticket is ONLY good for the date and time indicated on the ticket.

How often do trains run from Rome to Florence?

Most trains leave Rome Termini station several times per hour for Florence Santa Maria Novella Station — averaging 61 trains per day.

Should you pre book train tickets in Italy?

Once you’re in Italy, you can buy tickets just before you get on a train. Buying tickets soon after they’re released gives you a better chance of securing seats during busy travel days, and may give you access to sales or ticket discounts that are only available for advance purchases.

How far in advance can you buy Trenitalia tickets?

Buy train tickets online:,, Booking usually opens 120 days ahead for most high-speed & long-distance trains.

Is a day trip from Rome to Florence worth it?

If your Rome visit spans more than a few days and you aren’t planning to spend another few days in Florence, you can still get a taste of the Renaissance capital by making it a day trip from Rome. It’s a long day, to be sure, but a long day spent in Florence is better than a short day in many other places.

Is Florence worth seeing?

It is a very interesting city with vibrant areas, delicious food and is a treasure trove for art lovers. Florence is also a perfect destination for a relaxing and romantic getaway. The city also has a laid back feel as there is not much traffic in the centre and everything is in walking distance.

How long does it take to get from Rome to Florence by train?

Taking the train from Rome to Florence. Traveling by train from Rome to Florence is an easy and comfortable journey. The distance from Rome to Florence is 162 miles and many Freccia high-speed trains make the trip in just 1 hour and 29 minutes.

What train goes from Rome to Florence Italy?

There are two types of trains passengers can book to get between Rome and Florence, and both come with benefits. The Frecciarossa and Frecciargento, the high-speed trains, traveling between 155 and 185 miles per hour, whisk travelers from Roma Termini station to Firenze Santa Maria Novella station in 90 minutes.

How do you get from Rome to Florence?

The fastest and most comfortable way to get from Rome to Florence is by express train. The ride takes under two hours and you can choose from first and second class seats; second class provides plenty of room and the ticket prices are cheaper.

How far is Florence Italy from Rome?

Driving distance from Rome, Italy to Florence, Italy. The total driving distance from Rome, Italy to Florence, Italy is 174 miles or 280 kilometers.