How much does Saluki cost?

How much does Saluki cost?

The Saluki is among the list of the world’s most expensive dog breeds. On average, a Saluki puppy will set you back approximately $2,500, they are often of common pedigree and mainly raised as pets. Salukis from well-known breeders are very up there in price, ranging from $3,500 – $10,000/ puppy.

Are Salukis good pets?

Among the world’s oldest breeds, the slim but rugged Saluki was the hunting hound of kings for thousands of years. Salukis are swift and agile sprinters who love a good chase. They make gentle, dignified, and independent but loyal pets.

How do you get a Saluki?

Pet adults are often, but not always, less expensive. Where to find Salukis? We suggest you find them through a Breeder Referral program like this one, or through one of the Saluki Rescue organizations. Whether you purchase a Saluki, or any other breed, be sure to get your dog from a reputable source.

Is Saluki a good apartment dog?

The Saluki is not recommended for apartment life. These dogs are relatively inactive indoors and will do best with acreage. This breed should sleep indoors. They prefer warm temperatures over cold ones.

Are Saluki dogs aggressive?

Conclusion: Why the Saluki? Although people know the Saluki temperament as aloof and quiet, they are completely devoted to their family. This highly active breed is best suited for active families who have the time to exercise their Saluki.

Do Salukis like to cuddle?

Due to their thin skin and delicate frame, Salukis need extra soft bedding, somewhere warm and comfortable to sleep. They will sleep on your bed and sofa and they love to cuddle up to you. Salukis can be picky eaters, but also greedy so make sure that you don’t leave anything on the kitchen worktops.

Where do Salukis come from?

Fertile Crescent

How much exercise does a Saluki need?

Exercise requirements: Salukis need over 2 hours of exercise daily. Salukis do have a strong chase instinct, so be aware of this if they are around other pets at home and when out and about.