How much is a Ducati Diavel Carbon?

How much is a Ducati Diavel Carbon?

Key specs and dimensions

Model Ducati Diavel Carbon
Price £18,695 (standard Diavel £15,495)
Engine 1198cc DOHC liquid-cooled V-twin
BHP 160bhp @ 9,250rpm
Torque 130.5Nm @ 8,000rpm

Is the Ducati Diavel a good bike?

That’s not to say the Diavel isn’t a great bike – it’s a fantastic performance cruiser. But because its Testastretta V-twin is in other models it fails to be such an event. You can still have tremendous fun on the Diavel and its chassis is remarkably agile, but it doesn’t have the ‘Wow’ factor you get on the Rocket 3.

What kind of bike is Ducati Diavel?

This cruiser motorcycle comes wrapped in an all-black theme along with neat body curves, which provides it a superb appearance. This bike built on a tubular steel trellis frame and has a wheelbase of 1580 mm, which offers it more power to turn sharply around the corners.

Is Ducati Diavel a 2 seater?

Seating capacity for Ducati XDiavel. Ducati XDiavel is a 2 seater cruiser bike.

Is the Ducati Diavel comfortable?

Comfort. With so much torque and braking power on offer, Ducati knew they had to make the Diavel a comfortable and ergonomic place to be. The 120mm wide scalloped suede seat is ideal for keeping the rider planted in position, and even after riding 200km I felt I could easily ride 200km more.

Can a beginner ride a Ducati Diavel?

Not the best place to ride a Diavel, even for ‘experts’. As a beginner’s bike in those conditions I would say it would be unwise. The big ‘D’ does have some newb-friendly features though, like a low seat height, great balance, traction control, and (nearly) idiot proof brakes that are still strong and secure.

What does Diavel mean in English?

Ducati says the Diavel (which means “devil” in the Bolognese dialect) got its name because of its looks. According to their press release, when the first prototype was introduced to engineers and technicians, someone looking at the bike’s silhouette from the rear exclaimed, “Evil, just like the devil!”

What is the difference between Ducati Diavel and XDiavel?

The XDiavel differs from the standard Diavel primarily through more laid-back ergonomics, which are configurable in many ways for riders of varying sizes. For 2019, the XDiavel comes in a new Matte Liquid Concrete Gray. The S variant has that color as well, plus Thrilling Black or Iceberg White.

Are Ducati Diavel fast?

Ducati Diavel

Manufacturer Ducati
Top speed 169 mph (272 km/h)
Power 162 hp (121 kW) @ 9,250 rpm (claimed)
Torque 130.5 N⋅m (96.3 lbf⋅ft) @ 8,800 rpm (claimed)
Ignition type Electronic

Is the Ducati Diavel a naked bike?

It’s not quite a power cruiser, nor is it exactly a naked bike, and it certainly isn’t a full-on sportbike. For 2019, the Diavel gets the Testastretta 1262 DVT L-twin from the XDiavel and Multistrada 1260/1260 Enduro. …