How much is a SW20 worth?

How much is a SW20 worth?

Toyota MR2 SW20 – from December 1991

Model Chassis 2020 Price ($)
G E-SW20 30,937
G Limited E-SW20 34,276
G Limited E-SW20 35,674
GT-S E-SW20 41,381

How much horsepower does a SW20 have?

Toyota MR2 SW20 Specifications

Model MR2 W20
Capacity 2.0-2.2-litre
Power (hp) 130 – 242
Torque (lb ft) 145 – 200 lb-ft (196 – 271 Nm)
Gearbox · 4-speed automatic · 5-speed manual

What year is the best MR2?

Rev 5 (1998-1999) These were the final two years of the SW20 MR2 and were considered by many to be the best of the best.

Are Toyota mr2s fast?

The MR2 was so fast and powerful that it was difficult to control for inexperienced drivers. Toyota created the MR2 to be an affordable sports car. Its lower price tag made it popular with young drivers.

What does SW20 mean for MR2?

Sw20 was the internal chassis code for the beams 3sge or 3sgte mr2 mk2 in the Japanese market, while sw21 refers to the 5sfe mk2 and sw22 refers to the 3sgte mk2 in the US market.

When did the Toyota SW20 MR2 come out?

The SW20 Toyota MR2 was sold new starting in 1990, right after the original MR2 ended production. Although Toyota produced the car until 1999, North America only received the 1991–95 model years; but the MR2 we got was truly remarkable.

Who is most interested in the SW20 MR2?

Using insurance quotes as a sign of interest, the SW20 MR2 has seen consistent growth over the last year, with a 22 percent increase. Millennials show the most interest, making up 55 percent of quotes—Gen-X follows at 31 percent.

What was the quarter mile of a Toyota MR2?

(Toyota diehards will recognize that engine from the Celica GT-Four, a homologation special that dominated Group A Rally in the early ’90s.) In the MR2 Turbo, the 3S-GTE was good for a 6.1-second sprint to 60 mph and 14.7 second quarter-mile—not bad for 1991. The wedged styling of the SW20 MR2 has aged well.

How much does a Toyota SW20 Turbo weigh?

The SW20 MR2 Turbo weighed nearly 2900 pounds—a whole 400 pounds more than the heaviest Mk I trim and 700 pounds above the MR2 Spider that followed. Thankfully, Toyota offset the extra weight with more power.