How much is Lipo in Colombia?

How much is Lipo in Colombia?


BODY PROCEDURES Average Cost Colombia Average Cost USA
Abdominal, Back, Leg, Arm Liposuction $2,600 (2 areas) $3,400 (2 areas)
$4,200 (3 areas) $6,700 (3 areas)
$5,200 (5 areas) $9,900 (5 areas)
Tummy Tuck $4,500.00 $6,700.00

Is liposuction cheaper in Colombia?

Colombia has become the fourth leading destination for foreigners seeking cosmetic surgeries, most of them Spaniards and U.S. citizens lured by the lower prices and the promise of maintaining a youthful appearance. A liposuction that costs $4,000 to $8,000 in Miami costs $800 to $2,500 in Colombia.

What is Colombian Lipo?

Colombian Liposculpture™ is a procedure that involves removing fat from areas of your body in order to sculpt it and create the curves that you’ve always wanted. For example, you might have a stomach area that has some fat deposits, but you like how your butt and hips look – because you want that ideal hourglass shape.

How many liters of fat can liposuction remove in Columbia?

The maximum amount of fat that can safely be removed with liposuction is between six to eight pounds (three to four liters). An increase in the volume of fat removal heightens the risks of complications.

Why is plastic surgery so cheap in Colombia?

Colombia boasts world-class hospitals and doctors, while many operations come at a fraction of the cost they would be in the USA. This makes plastic surgery in Colombia around 60% cheaper. Jasmine Cristancho travelled from London to Colombia for her fourth cosmetic operation.

How much does coolsculpting cost in Colombia?

Average Cost of CoolSculpting by Country in USD

Country Average Cost
Colombia $500 to $2,000
United Kingdom $750 to $4,000
Australia $850 to $3,500
Japan $1,500 to $3,500

What is liposculpture vs liposuction?

As its name suggests, liposculpture is a variation on liposuction. But unlike liposuction – which removes fat from specific areas of the body – liposculpture is not just about removing fat. It also reshapes the body by removing fat and then adding it to the “right places” to improve the body’s overall contour.

How much does a liposculpture cost?

Costs start at $3500. The prices include the theatre fees. Some people who have very large areas, or many different areas, may need to be done in more than one operating session.

How much fat can be removed in Columbia?

Right now, surgeons follow guidelines that set a maximum extraction limit of 5,000 milliliters of fat (11 pounds) for all patients, regardless of variations in weight or body fat status.

How much fat can you lose with liposuction?

At most, you can expect to lose anywhere from 1 to 10 pounds of fat. While larger amounts of fat; therefore weight, can be removed, it comes with an increased risk of complications, so most plastic surgeons will limit their removal amount to no more than 11 pounds.

Is plastic surgery cheap in Colombia?

These packages typically cost less than USD$10,000, and according to Restrepo, the same operations in North America could cost around USD$25,000. This makes plastic surgery in Colombia around 60% cheaper.

Where do you get liposuction on your body?

Liposuction is performed as an independent procedure, and in conjunction with some cosmetic manipulations. Most often this operation is to remove fat on the abdomen, chin, inside of the thighs, on the buttocks, back, in the chest area.

Is it dangerous to have a million liposuction operations?

Do not forget about the shock from the introduction of anesthesia, which is in one case a million operations, but is dangerous right up to a lethal outcome. Another fatal complication may be damage to a large vessel and the development of fatty thromboembolism – getting into the lumen of the fat vessel and blockage of large blood vessels.

What happens to your body after liposuction?

After liposuction, the contour of the body improves due to the direct removal of fat deposits. The ideal result is seen in patients whose skin is elastic.

What causes swelling in the area of liposuction?

This, above all, a violation of the sensitivity of the skin in the area of surgery, which is due to damage to nerve endings and swelling of the subcutaneous tissue. This unpleasant symptom can persist for a long time.