How much power does a 300ZX na have?

How much power does a 300ZX na have?

The stock 300zx na made 222hp at the crank from the factory back in the 90’s, and over 20+ years its probably lost some of that power. A safe estimate of power nowadays is about 170-180whp, assuming the engine is still in decent shape. But how much more power are you wanting? 20.. 50.. 100hp more?

What was the year of the Nissan 300ZX?

1994 Nissan 300ZX Nissan was a relatively small automaker when it entered the international market in the 1960s and partnered with Yamaha to design a new sports car prototype to update the Nissan F… More Info ›

What was the drag coefficient of the Nissan 300ZX?

Designed by Kazumasu Takagi and his team of developers, the 300ZX improved aerodynamics and increased power when compared to its predecessor, the 280ZX. The newer Z-car had a drag coefficient of 0.30 and was powered by Japan’s first mass-produced V6 engine instead of the inline 6 of the previous Z-cars.

Is it possible to get 300HP on Z32?

Most of the z32 community would stop somewhere in stage 1 or stage 2, there are only a few that want to push for the 300hp marker on the na. If your goal is simply to make your car faster without spending 10k or so chasing the 300hp goal… then weight reductions are going to be your best friend.

How big are the switches on a mini PAC?

These are designed for standard microswitch terminals. Each switch wire on the harness is 13 inches long (330mm). The Mini-PAC board should be mounted near the center of the panel, giving a span between the furthest switches of 26 inches (660mm).

What do you need to know about the mini PAC?

The Mini-PAC is a revolutionary combined Switch/Trackball/Spinner Interface with wiring harness. It is designed so that a complete control panel can be wired up in minutes. Ideal for OEM builders of controllers and cabinets but also suitable for the first-time builder

What kind of engine does the Nissan 300ZX have?

The 300ZX came with the VG30ET, with the same spec as the USDM model. The only factory Z31 variant to use the VG30DE engine was the 300ZR. It continued to be marketed as a companion fastback to the more formal appearance of the Nissan Skyline -based Nissan Leopard coupe at Nissan Bluebird Store Japanese dealerships.