How much water do you mix with multi finish plaster?

How much water do you mix with multi finish plaster?

11.5 litres
How much water do I need? According to British Gypsum, you should mix 11.5 litres of water to one bag of multi-finish plaster.

Why is there no multi finish plaster 2020?

The Thistle multi finish plaster shortage was down to British Gypsum closing their production lines when they followed Covid-19 government guidelines. The few who could get hold of British Gypsum Multi Finish plaster were not using it to plaster with but were selling it.

Can you mix plaster with a stick?

There is no ‘perfect’ in the consistency of plaster but in general, if you stick a small piece of wood in the mix it should be able to stand upright. Again, add water or plaster to adjust the consistency but try and avoid repeating this step too often.

How thick can you apply thistle multi finish?

Undercoat plasters are usually applied at 11mm and most finish coat plasters are applied at 2mm. Recommendations for the application thickness of Thistle plaster products can be found in our selector guides: ThistlePro Selector Guide, Thistle Essential Selector Guide.

How much water does a 25kg plaster need?

Remember a full 25kg bag of plaster will cover approximately 9 to 10 square metres (i.e. a surface 3m x 3m) and require approximately 11.5 liters of water (although it is better to mix by feel than maths).

Is there a plasterboard shortage?

Travis Perkins has highlighted plasterboard and timber as being in particularly short supply. The materials supplier said costs had accelerated throughout the the first half of 2021, with inflation jumping from 2 per cent in the first quarter to 5 per cent in the second.

Why is British plaster pink?

Multi finish and Board finish (Skimming/finishing plaster)is currently Pink at the moment as that’s the color of the vein the Gypsum rock is extracted from. Strangely enough Gypsum is naturally white yet it’s impurites that can make it pink, brown or even grey.

Can you mix plaster by hand?

Mixing the plaster Only add clean water and do not use any additives. Add plaster to the water and mix by hand or a slow speed, high torque mechanical whisk. Thistle plasters should be mixed to a smooth creamy consistency.

How thick can a bonding coat be?

Floating coats should be applied at a thickness of 8mm, up to a total plaster thickness of 25mm, and wire scratched between each coat. The final floating coat should be ruled to an even surface and lightly scratched to form a key for Thistle finish plaster, such as Thistle MultiFinish.

How thick should finishing plaster be?

Average thickness is 12mm. The skim (finish) coat is responsible for smoothness. A smooth finish is obtained by applying a skim coat of finish plaster. The skim coat is applied to the backing coat at a thickness of 2-3 mm.