How old is Heather in Total Drama All Stars?

How old is Heather in Total Drama All Stars?


Personal Information
Eye Color Dark Gray
Age 16
Birth Place Canada
Family Brothers, father, mother, sisters

Who is Heather dating in total drama?

Heather and Alejandro finally share their first kiss together… The final two then make it to the top of the volcano where Heather arrives right after him, crying and claiming that she gives up.

What ethnicity is Heather from total drama?

Heather’s ethnicity is confirmed to be Asian, making her one of a few contestants with a verified ethnicity. She is one of three people who have been bald at some point in the series. The others are Dakota and Sierra.

Does Heather come back in Total Drama Action?

Heather was a camper and the main antagonist of Total Drama Island as a member of the Screaming Gophers. She later returned as a cast member in Total Drama Action on the Screaming Gaffers, and was one of the finalists in Total Drama World Tour representing Team Amazon.

Why does Heather wear a wig?

The reason why she was bald in Total Drama Action, was because when the accident occurred, she was left with a few patches and Heather stated her hair was growing all uneven because of this. That could be due to the fact she got rid of the patches later, so her hair was growing unevenly. Heather’s third wig is an afro.

Who does Heather end up with?

Heather pursues a committed romance with Ray (Ray Nicholson) in the Panic season 1 ending, even though Bishop (Camron Jones) seems like the more practical choice, given their friendship and his professional goals.

Did Alejandro and Heather break up?

Furious at him, Heather breaks up with Alejandro in Total Drama All-Stars Take 2, mad at him for still being flirtatious with Sky, and also mad at him lying previously that she is his true love. Although they’re not on the same team throughout this season, they are at extreme odds with each other in rivalry.

Who did not return Total Drama Action?

Geoff and Gwen are the only members of Total Drama Island’s Final Seven to not have been in the Final 10 of Total Drama Action, as Izzy, Leshawna, Duncan, Heather and Owen all did make it to the Final 10.

Who died on Total Drama Island?

Total Drama Island Eagle – Shot by Chris. DJ’s 1st Bunny – Eaten by Snake. Snake – Eaten by Shark. Eagle – Eaten by Shark.

What happens to Heather in Total Drama Action?

In the second season, Total Drama Action, Heather remains hated and distrusted by the rest of the cast, and serves as an anti-hero. In the second episode of the season her wig is destroyed, leaving her completely bald for most of the competition.

Which is the first half of Total Drama All Stars?

Total Drama All-Stars (stylized as Total Drama All★Stars) is the first half of the fifth season of Total Drama, with the second half being Total Drama: Pahkitew Island.

Who are the non competing contestants on Total Drama?

Ezekiel, Izzy, Blaineley, and Owen are the only non-competing contestants to make guest appearances this season. This is the first season since Total Drama Island where the teams are predetermined by the producers, as opposed to every other season where the teams are determined through a challenge.

What’s the prize money for Total Drama All Stars?

This season, contestants are divided into two teams based on their status as a hero or villain, and must avoid the Flush of Shame in order to take home the $1,000,000 grand prize. All-Stars: For the first time, fourteen former contestants from both the ori gin al and the new cast returned for another shot at the prize money.