How old was Giovanni Agnelli when he died?

How old was Giovanni Agnelli when he died?

Giovanni Alberto Agnelli, the son of Gianni’s younger brother, Umberto Agnelli, died of a rare form of cancer in 1997 at age 33 while he was being groomed by his uncle to head the Fiat Group. John Elkann, the son of Gianni and Marella’s daughter, Margherita, was expected to take over Fiat after Gianni’s death.

Why was Gianni Agnelli known as L’Avvocato?

GIANNI AGNELLI BIOGRAPHY. He was named Giovanni after his grandfather, the founder of FIAT, but throughout his life he was known by everyone as Gianni, or rather, as “l’Avvocato” (“the Lawyer”), a nickname he had earned when he graduated in law.

Who is the eldest son of Gianni Agnelli?

One is Margherita Elkann, whose eldest son, John, is now 24. The other was the tragic Edoardo. Fiat was booming when Gianni at last took over. The gnomish professor had run it as a centralised tyranny; Gianni, feeling his way, tried to open it up and diversify into banking, textiles, food]

Why did Gianni Agnelli want to take over Fiat?

Upon the untimely death of Gianni’s father in a seaplane accident, Gianni was unexpectedly poised to take over the company from his Grandfather as the eldest of seven children. Naturally adopted by his grandfather following the tragedy, Gianni was trained from a young age with the intention of eventually taking over Fiat.

Who is the current head of the Agnelli family?

Giovanni Alberto Agnelli, Gianni’s nephew, who died of cancer in 1997, had been in line to take control of the family companies. In 1997 Gianni publicly announced that his grandson, John Elkann, who was then 21, would succeed him as the head of the family empire. Edoardo Agnelli, Gianni’s first-born son died in 2000.

When did Gianni Agnelli become a senator for life?

Agnelli was named senator for life in 1991 and subscribed to the independent parliamentary group; he was later named a member of the senate’s defence commission. In the early 2000s, Agnelli made overtures to General Motors resulting in an agreement under which General Motors progressively became involved in Fiat.

How did Gianni Agnelli come up with the name Fiat?

Agnelli and Fiat would come to share a common vision, Agnelli meaning Fiat and, more sensibly, Fiat meaning Agnelli. Gianni Agnelli (left) with his grandfather and Fiat founder Giovanni Agnelli Sr. in 1940.