Is 292 a good GRE score?

Is 292 a good GRE score?

Generally, a 75th percentile is a pretty good GRE score, and a 90th percentile is an excellent one. Thus, we can say that a score of 318 and above is good, whereas a score of 329 is an excellent one. A score of 300+ is considered average, and a 292 score is considered below average.

Is 295 a good GRE score?

Many of you might be interested to know what is a Good GRE score? and how much GRE score do i require to apply to US Universities….What is a Good GRE Score in Revised GRE Test?

GRE Score Range About GRE Score Universities you can target
330+ Excellent Grade A+
315-330 Good Grade A-, Grade A
295-315 Average Grade B+, Grade B, Grade B-
280-295 Below Average Grade C

Is 293 a good score in GRE?

A GRE score average of 290 to 300 can take you to a quality university in the USA, which would surely help you take off your career ladder. Not just that, there are a variety of courses and MS programs that you can choose from.

Is 300 a good GRE score for MS?

A total score of 325 and above should help you to get admission into the topmost colleges. However, even a score above 300 is good enough for MS. Nursing: A score ranging between 305 and 316 can be considered a good GRE score for anyone who wants to take admission in nursing.

Is a GRE score of 296 good?

What is a good GRE score? For most programs, it’s 75th percentile or above: 157+ in Verbal Reasoning and 162+ in Quantitative Reasoning. For top programs, it’s a 90th percentile score or higher: 162+ in Verbal and 168+ in Quant.

What percentile is a 290 on the GRE?

However, students scoring a 164 on the Revised GRE are equated to students scoring a 790 on the old GRE, and both are given a 90th percentile rank….Revised GRE scores v. Old GRE scores (including percentile ranks)

Revised GRE Old GRE Percentile rank
145 530-540 23
140 400-420 9
135 280-290 2

Is 291 a bad GRE score?

Since the GRE is not typically scored on a total scale of 260-340, you won’t find percentiles for the test as a whole but rather for each section. In general, anything above the 50th percentile (median) can be considered a good GRE score, as this means you scored higher than most test takers.

Where to go with a GRE score of 290?

The university is within an hour’s drive of many mountain and lake resorts and within a three-hour drive of both Los Angeles and San Francisco. If you have decent profile with a GRE score 290+, TOEFL 79+, IELTS 6.5 and decent UG grades, you should apply to CSU, Fresno. Out-of-State Tuition: $17,447 Part time Jobs – Available

How much does it cost to send GRE score report?

You can select to send from your Most Recent, All or Any specific test administration of the GRE® General Test and/or Subject Tests. ASRs can be ordered for a fee of US$27 per score recipient. See below for information on the score reporting options available for each ordering method.

What does no score mean on GRE test?

Scores Reported on the GRE ® General Test. If no questions are answered for a specific measure (e.g., Verbal Reasoning), then you will receive a No Score (NS) for that measure.

What are the competitive scores on the GRE?

Competitive Scores These scores will put you in a highly competitive place in admissions (top 25% of all test takers) VERBAL: 158 – 162 QUANTITATIVE: 159-164