Is a Walther P38 a good gun?

Is a Walther P38 a good gun?

Tough and raw-boned, it doesn’t lure you to it with a perfect single-action trigger release. But out in the mud and dirt-soaked world of wartime combat, it certainly earned its place as one of the great pistols of our time.

Does Walther still make a P38?

This was as the Pistole 38 and at that time the German armed forces took over all production of the guns. During the war, P38 pistols were made by a number of factories, including the Walther factory itself….P38 Walther.

Walther P38, P1 Walther P4
Length 216 mm 197 mm
Barrel length 125 mm 104 mm
Magazine capacity 8 rounds

What ammo does a Walther P38 take?

Walther P38
Cartridge 9×19mm Parabellum
Caliber 0.355 inches (9.0 mm)
Action Short recoil, hinged locking piece assisted breechblock
Muzzle velocity 1,050 ft/s (320 m/s)

Why is it called a P38 can opener?

Although “Opener, Can, Hand, Folding” is its official Army nomenclature, it soon acquired the popular name P-38. One is that soldiers called it the P-38 because it could open a can faster than the P-38 Lightning fighter plane could fly.

Is the Walther P-38 pistol a good gun?

Except for the horrendous DA trigger, the P-38 was fun to shoot, suitably accurate, and 100 percent reliable with the 80+ rounds I fired through it. For a pistol produced during the dark days of late World War II, I think that is pretty darn good.

What is the locking system on a Walther P-38?

The P-38’s locking system consists of a pivoting locking block under the barrel that locks the action by means of two lugs that enter matching notches in the slide.

Which is better the Luger P08 or the P-38?

The P-38 proved to be a rugged, reliable handgun, although it was never available in great enough numbers to replace the Luger P08, and it appears that higher ranking officers preferred the P08 or small 7.65mm pistols over the P-38.

What kind of gun did Fritz Walther make?

The following year, a design team led by Fritz Walther began work on a completely new DA/SA, locked-breech pistol to meet the army’s requirements. Two years later the 9mm Model AP (Armee Pistole) was announced. It was a hammerless, DA/SA pistol. The Wehrmacht expressed interest with one proviso; it wanted an external hammer.