Is Adele inspired by Amy Winehouse?

Is Adele inspired by Amy Winehouse?

Taking cues from Amy Winehouse’s soulful singing style, Adele has cited the late British singer as a formative influence.

Did Amy Winehouse and Adele know each other?

Even though she and Winehouse were never close friends (Adele says they “didn’t really know each other”), they did attend Brit School together briefly and the “Hello” singer “adored” her. “I loved [Amy] and I went through my own massive grieving process as her fan.”

What Adele thinks about Amy Winehouse?

However, in an interview for the November 2021 issue of U.S. Vogue, Adele revealed that she once feared she would follow in Amy’s footsteps. “I got really famous right as Amy Winehouse died. And we watched her die right in front of our eyes. I’ve always had a very close relationship with alcohol.

Did Amy Winehouse and Adele attend same school?

British singers Jessie J, Adele and the late Amy Winehouse all went to the same school growing up, Jessie revealed in a radio interview. Speaking to Fitzy & Wippa, she said that she and Adele studied and hung out together at the BRIT school in London and would even sing together while on their breaks.

Who is influenced by Amy Winehouse?

Billie Holiday
Erykah BaduMary J. BligeSam Cooke
Amy Winehouse/Influenced by

Who went to college with Adele?

Adele, born in Tottenham in North London, moved to West Norwood in Lambeth at the age of 11 after a short spell living in Brighton. It was while living there that she attended the BRIT school alongside Leona Lewis, who won the X Factor in 2006 and pop star Jessie J.

Why is Amy Winehouse influential?

She paved the way for other female stars with not only her talent but also her unique style and demeanor, making her arguably one of the most influential and greatest artists of all time. Amy’s unconventional style and incredible voice showed that female pop artists didn’t need to look or sound a certain way.