Is AJ Pierzynski married?

Is AJ Pierzynski married?

Lisa Pierzynskim. 1999
A. J. Pierzynski/Spouse

What does AJ Pierzynski do now?

World Series Champion and two-time Major League Baseball All-Star, AJ Pierzynski serves as a game and studio analyst for FOX Sports. Pierzynski officially joined FOX Sports in 2017 following his retirement from baseball.

How old is Pierzynski?

44 years (December 30, 1976)
A. J. Pierzynski/Age

How tall is Pierzynski?

6′ 3″
A. J. Pierzynski/Height

Who is AJ Pierzynski married to?

Where did AJ Pierzynski go to college?

Dr. Phillips High School
University of Tennessee
A. J. Pierzynski/Education

Does AJ Pierzynski work for the White Sox?

A.J. Pierzynski, who won a World Series with the 2005 White Sox, is now working as a baseball analyst for Fox Sports. He was in the booth for most the American League Divisional Series between the White Sox and Astros.

Is AJ Pierzynski coaching?

Pierzynski has no managerial experience and is part of the organization, currently a team ambassador following his eight seasons in a White Sox uniform.

How many no hitters did AJ Pierzynski catch?

Louis Cardinals (2014) and Atlanta Braves (2015–2016). Pierzynski is one of only ten catchers in Major League history to reach 2,000 hits in his career….

A. J. Pierzynski
September 10, 2016, for the Atlanta Braves
MLB statistics
Batting average .280
Hits 2,043

What college did AJ Pierzynski go to?

What team is AJ Pierzynski on?

A. J. Pierzynski
Runs batted in 909
Minnesota Twins (1998–2003) San Francisco Giants (2004) Chicago White Sox (2005–2012) Texas Rangers (2013) Boston Red Sox (2014) St. Louis Cardinals (2014) Atlanta Braves (2015–2016)
Career highlights and awards

Who is the White Sox catcher?

Yasmani Grandal
Yermin MercedesSeby ZavalaZack Collins
Chicago White Sox/Catchers

In 2020, the Chicago White Sox had the best catcher duo in Major League Baseball with Yasmani Grandal and James McCann. McCann broke out with the White Sox in 2019 before Grandal got there but the White Sox signed Grandal going into 2020. It was one of the first big moves that they made as they ended the rebuild.