Is Bookworm Adventures still available?

Is Bookworm Adventures still available?

One of my favourite ever games, released during the peak of PopCap’s glory days, is simply gone. Not just no longer on sale, but seemingly erased from history, from the current timeline. Bookworm Adventures (and it’s sequel), the adorable word-spelling combat game, has been Shazammed right out of existence.

How many books are there in Bookworm Adventures Deluxe?

three books
Bookworm Adventures is a puzzle game made by PopCap. It features Lex as he unravels the mystery in the Great Library. This game has three books; Book 1: Oedipus Lex; Book 2 : Arabian Knight ; Book 3: Lexonomicon.

What happened to PopCap games?

U.S. PopCap Games, Inc. is an American video game developer based in Seattle, and a subsidiary of Electronic Arts. PopCap was sold to Electronic Arts in 2011, to which the company had shifted to mobile and mostly free-to-play games.

Can you still play PopCap Games?

Unfortunately, PopCap Games retired many of their games over the years, and since EA acquired the company in 2011, almost every attempt to play an old PopCap Games title redirects you to where there’s little help in finding a valid link where you can play or download the game for free.

Can you download Bookworm Adventures Deluxe for free?

Bookworm Adventures Deluxe is a fantastic, family-friendly pick for word game fanatics. Don’t take our word for it — download the free trial version right now! DirectX 7.0

How many treasures can you have in Bookworm Adventures?

In Bookworm Adventures, Lex can only hold three treasures at a time. In Bookworm Adventures, Vol. 2, Lex can only hold two treasures and one companion at a time. Treasures can upgrade and replace others at times. At the end of each chapter is a powerful enemy who must be defeated in a Boss Battle.

What’s the goal of Lex The Bookworm Adventures?

Help Lex the Bookworm confront the most terrible threat the Great Library has ever known by spelling words to vanquish villains, whomp foes and annihilate enemies. The goal of Bookworm Adventures is to make words to defeat the foes standing between Lex the Bookworm and his mission to rescue Cassandra the Oracle.

When did Bookworm Adventures Volume 2 come out?

Released July 30th, 2009, Bookworm Adventures: Volume 2 features the same gameplay you know and love, with a new storyline to guide Lex through, and some new surprises along the way. The game can also be purchased through PopCap’s site, and you can even get a bundle containing both games at once, if you have neither.