Is Buakaw a monk now?

Is Buakaw a monk now?

Among fans and friends, the 35-year-old fighter had a hair-shaving ceremony and became a monk this morning at Bang Waek Temple in Phasi Charoen area. In a statement published on his official Facebook page, Buakaw also asked for forgiveness from those he had done wrong — a tradition for those entering the monkhood.

Is buakaw still active?

Pramuk Gym, in Bangkok, Thailand, under the ring name Buakaw Por….

Buakaw Banchamek
Fighting out of Surin, Thailand
Team Por. Pramuk Gym (1997–2012) Banchamek Gym (2012–present)
Trainer Lt. Teerawat Yioyim
Years active 1990–present

When did Buakaw win the K-1 World Championship?

At the K-1 World MAX 2013 World Championship Tournament Final 4 in Baku, Azerbaijan, on February 23, 2014, he beat Lee Sung-Hyun by unanimous decision in the semi-finals. Buakaw beat Victor Nagbe via unanimous decision at Combat Banchamek in Surin, Thailand, on April 14, 2014.

When did Buakaw Banchamek win his second world title?

In the 2006 K-1 MAX World Grand Prix, Buakaw again faced Andy Souwer in the finals but this time defeated Souwer by TKO with a flurry of punches; thereby winning his second K-1 World MAX title and becoming the first man to win such title twice.

How tall is Buakaw Banchamek and how much does she weigh?

Ekaterina Vandaryeva is a Belarusian kickboxer who began kickboxing at age 16. In 2010, she had become a champion of the International Federation of Muay Thai Amateur World Championships. Buakaw doesn’t have any children. Banchamek weighs about 70kg (155 lb). Buakaw is 5′ 8½” (1.74 m) tall.

When did Buakaw return to kickboxing in China?

Buakaw made his return to legitimate fighting with a decision win over Dong Wen Fei in a three-round kickboxing match at MAX Muay Thai 3 in China on August 10, 2013.