Is butterfly an Indian company?

Is butterfly an Indian company?

Gandhimathi Appliances, owners of the ‘Butterfly’ brand, is the leading manufacturer of home appliances in India. Over the years, under the enterprising leadership of V Murugesa Chettiar and his sons, the company has grown to be a household name among millions in India.

How good is butterfly company?

The quality of the mixer grinder is perfectly good, but the performance is not so satisfying. Coming to the speed, in level one there’s a sound like whistling which is so irritating. But the speed of motor is fine and grind things a little bit faster.

Who is the owner of Butterfly?

Board of Directors

V. M. Lakshminarayanan Chairman & Co-Managing Director Butterfly Gandhimathi Appliances Ltd.
Viswanathan Murugesa Kumaresan Executive Director & Executive Director-Technical VM Chettiar & Sons India LLP, Butterfly Gandhimathi Appliances Ltd., LLM Appliances Ltd., Butterfly Quality Centre Pvt Ltd.

What is the product of butterfly?

Top Selling Butterfly Price List in India

Latest Models Expected Price
Butterfly 60cm Reflection Electric Chimney, Power: 190 W Rs. 11,016
Butterfly Rhino 2 Liter Cherry Table Top Wet Grinder Rs. 3,808
Butterfly Reflection 190W 90cm Steel Finish Chimney Rs. 12,287
Butterfly Spectra 750W Black Mixer Grinder with 3 Jars Rs. 3,558

Is Butterfly a Chinese brand?

The company was founded in 1950 in Yanai city, Japan, by Hikosuke Tamasu, a Japanese table tennis player at the time. Butterfly sponsors top players and coaches in different countries such as USA, Korea, Canada, Germany, Japan, Poland, and many more.

Where is Butterfly brand from?

With our headquarters in Singapore, the LEA HIN GROUP encompasses offices and factories in Hong Kong, China, Malaysia, Indonesia, Cambodia, Myanmar and Vietnam.

Is butterfly a good brand for mixer?

Best Mixer Grinder Butterfly mixer is very excellent quality in its quality.

Is butterfly a good brand for mixer grinder?

A butterfly is a good option for a mixer grinder according to its performance because most of the butterfly mixer grinder motors provide high RPM to grind things a little faster. And one more thing is that this brand provides more functions in a low price range.

Who is the CEO of Butterfly?

Todd M. Fruchterman
Todd M. Fruchterman is President and Chief Executive Officer at Butterfly Network. As both a physician and a leader in medical technology, he has dedicated his career to promoting health and wellness through innovation.

Where is butterfly brand from?