Is IceWarp free?

Is IceWarp free?

A full-featured, affordable email and collaboration suite for companies of more than 10 people. Try it with a simple 3-step sign up.

What is IceWarp desktop client?

IceWarp Desktop Client is a Windows based communication client for managing e-mails, multiple calendars, contacts and tasks. It contains integrated Instant Messaging for Jabber, ICQ and support for Skype with full communication history.

What is IceWarp mail server?

IceWarp Mail Server is a business Email and Collaboration server developed by IceWarp Ltd. In 2006 was known as Merak Mail Server. It incorporates groupware capabilities over SyncML protocol, as well as SMTP, IMAP and POP and can be integrated with other modules, including those for groupware, antispam and antivirus.

How much does IceWarp cost?

IceWarp Pricing Overview IceWarp pricing starts at $312.00 as a flat rate, per year. They do not have a free version. IceWarp offers a free trial.

Is IceWarp good?

It offers little in terms of integration for the common user and it doesn’t do a great job of spelling out its security policy. Those dings aside, it does offer up an overall good experience and manages to reproduce a lot of what you would get from Microsoft.

What is IceWarp cloud?

IceWarp Cloud (which begins at $3.90 per user per month for the Standard edition) is a hosted email provider that ties in to Microsoft Office’s service. It features a combination of business-focused document editing, collaboration tools, team chat, and email functionality.

How do I change my Icewarp password?

How to change password

  1. To change password go to WebClient settings (My detail – Options – Accounts).
  2. Click the Change password button.
  3. On the Password change dialog, enter your old password and new one twice (New Password, Confirm Password). Click OK. You have to follow the password policy.

How do you add a signature in Icewarp?

How to setup a signature

  1. Go to WebClient settings (My detail/Options/Mail/ Signature). User can define a signature that will be added to each new email message.
  2. Fill in all requested information and click OK.

How do I set up an auto reply in IceWarp?

Click on the “Settings” link at the top. It will present you with the following screen. Then click on the “Auto Responder” link on the left of the screen.

How do I archive emails in IceWarp?

Please proceed as follows:

  1. Log on to IceWarp Server Administrator or IceWarp WebAdmim as administrator.
  2. Change to Advanced view.
  3. Click on Mail and then on Archive.
  4. Under General, activate the archiving feature of your IceWarp Server.
  5. Enter an Archive to Directory e.g. C:\Archive\ and optionally a Directory trailer path.

Is there an older version of IceWarp Server?

Download older version of IceWarp Server for Windows and the most popular Linux systems. We’d like to inform you that going forward, IceWarp will cease to support Ubuntu/Debian. This move is a result of our decision to focus our development on Red Hat as the only Linux distribution.

What do you need to know about IceWarp?

IceWarp is a mail server that integrates Web Mail, GroupWare, instant messenger, VoIP, SMS, ActiveSync, Outlook Connector, antispam, antivirus, and SmartAttach, all in one program.

What does IceWarp do for your email account?

Additionally, IceWarp includes an anti-spam system that protects your accounts from any unwanted email, an integrated antivirus based on Kaspersky technology, and some black- and whitelists for filtering certain content.

Which is the latest version of CentOS for IceWarp?

The latest What’s New detailing an overview of new IceWarp Server features and enhancements. Based on testing and experience with the CentOS 8 system, IceWarp does not recommend using CentOS 8 with the IceWarp system in production environments. The latest stable build of CentOS 8 is 8.1.1911 (Core).