Is Jet jewellery valuable?

Is Jet jewellery valuable?

These beautiful, historic pieces are highly valuable as they tell a unique story of the gemstone journey. Our antique collection range from a couple of hundred pounds to a few thousand and are aimed at those who share our excitement for Jet and it’s past.

How can you tell Whitby Jet jewelry?

How do I check it’s really Whitby Jet?

  1. Jet is not cool to the touch.
  2. True jet will either float or sink very slowly, in water.
  3. Jet does not fade over time.
  4. Gently rub an inconspicuous part of the object across some unglazed pottery or stone; true jet produces a brown/black streak.

What is Victorian Jet jewelry?

Jet. Jet, a type of fossilized wood, was perhaps the rarest and most prized black material used to manufacture Victorian jewelry. It is light in weight and soft and warm to the touch.

What is Whitby Jet jewellery?

VICTORIAN JET MINING 180 million years old, the gemstone Whitby jet is anaerobically fossilised wood of the Araucaria tree. Whitby jet is famed for is deep and intense black colour and the lustrous shine that can be achieved by polishing it. It is also very light in weight making it perfect for jewellery.

How can I identify jet jewellery?

The definitive test is to use a red hot needle on some inconspicuous part of the item when a coal-burning smell will ensue. However be very careful not to destroy or damage the item, remember Jet will burn.

How can I tell if my jet crystal is real?

Testing Jet For a less-risky method of testing, scrape an inconspicuous area of the piece in question onto a rough surface, like the back of a ceramic tile or the bottom of a piece of unglazed porcelain. If it leaves a brown mark, the piece is likely jet. Do note, however, that vulcanite can also leave a brown mark.

What is jet jewellery?

Gold-plated, wide-hammered cuff with jet accent. Historically a popular black gem, jet has declined in popularity in modern times. Although jet jewelry has been long associated with mourning, this organic gem can be made into large, eye-catching beads, carvings, and even faceted pieces.

How do you identify jet jewelry?

Is Whitby Jet a precious stone?

Whitby Jet is a semi precious organic gemstone formed over millions of years from the fossilised remains of the modern day Monkey Puzzle, and other similar trees. It is smooth and lightweight and can be polished to a deep black lustre that could be used as a mirror.

Is Whitby Jet rare?

Rarer than diamonds. As a natural and organic resource, Whitby Jet is of a finite quantity, generally limited to one small stretch of North Yorkshire coastline – see Where Can Whitby Jet be Found.

What kind of jewellery was made in Whitby Jet?

Victorian Whitby Jet jewellery in the form of carvings, often depicting symbolic images associated with love, life and remembrance , were expertly recreated in Whitby Jet. Strings of beads, some smooth, some facetted or intricately carved, were must have accessories.

When did the jet industry stop in Whitby?

This was the jet that was used for the jet jewellery industry. Mining began in about 1840 and stopped around 1920. Pieces of jet can still be found washed up on the beaches in Whitby today.

Who was the last Victorian jet worker to die?

The skills of the ‘jet-age’ were lost with the death in 1963 of Joe Lythe, the last man trained by a Victorian apprenticed jet worker. The craftsmanship of these exceptional artisans can still however be admired, in the form of their work.

What kind of jewelry is made of jet?

Made of jet, vulcanite, bog oak or pressed sentiment. A brooch in the shape of a hand carrying a bouquet conveyed a message symbolized by the flowers. Photos might be housed inside lockets and watch fobs, and portraits hand painted on pendants and earrings. While some fashionable when not in mourning as well, and worn just for its beauty.