Is KPN Mobile good?

Is KPN Mobile good?

KPN emerged as the winner with the fastest download and upload speeds and the best mobile coverage of all Dutch operators. Ookla analyzed more than half a million tests of users of the various Dutch mobile networks from approximately 177,000 unique devices.

How do I cancel my KPN Mobile subscription?

If you want to cancel KPN via their website, you’ll only get their customer service telephone number. There’s no easy way to cancel KPN online. Officially, you can always cancel your subscription via post. At Dyme you can generate a cancellation letter that can be sent to KPNs postal address.

What is fixed KPN net?

KPN’s fixed network has been proving its strength for more than a century. It’s ubiquitous and it connects large parts of the Netherlands. Almost half of all Dutch households (3.9 million) have a fiber connection and therefore have access to superfast internet; more than 75% of them via KPN.

How do I check my data using KPN?

How to check your KPN balance

  1. Text “SALDO ” to 1266.
  2. Enter *101# followed by the send button.
  3. Call 1244 and follow the instructions.

Who owns KPN?

América Móvil

Type Naamloze Vennootschap
Total assets €13.530 billion (2017)
Total equity €3.358 billion (2017)
Owner América Móvil (16.08%) Franklin Mutual Series Funds (4.99%) BlackRock (3.83%) Norges Bank (2.91%)
Number of employees 13,021 (FTE, Dec. 2017)

What is KPN net?

Welcome to KPN. KPN is the network of the Netherlands. We offer a better network with better possibilities. Our website is mostly written in Dutch, though you can find general information about our services in English on this page.

What does KPN stand for?


Acronym Definition
KPN Koninklijke PTT Nederland (Royal Dutch Telecom)
KPN Ketua Polis Negara (Indonesian: Chairman of State Policy)
KPN Kahn Process Networks (computation model)
KPN Konfederacja Polski Niepodleglej (Polish conservative party)

How can I change my address in KPN?

  1. Go to Producten.
  2. Go to Persoons- en betaalgegevens.
  3. Underneath Persoonsgegevens you’ll see your current known address. If you click Wijzigen in blue letters right of Persoonsgegevens, you’ll be able to change your address. Don’t forget to change your Factuuradres as well, if you’re moving to a new place!

Which is the best service provider in Netherlands?

KPN generally has the best coverage throughout the Netherlands, although its closest competitors also rank well. For those living close to the border, choosing a larger provider can be the best option. Some networks don’t have strong connections in border towns.

Which Sim is best in Netherlands?

The Best Prepaid SIM Card for the Netherlands in 2021

  • What Are The Best SIM Cards for Netherlands?
  • SimOptions – Prepaid SIM cards for travelers all over the world.
  • KPN – A Dutch telecommunications company.
  • Vodafone – The second-largest mobile phone company in the Netherlands.
  • T-Mobile Netherlands – By Deutsche Telekom.