Is Louis Erard a luxury brand?

Is Louis Erard a luxury brand?

Based in the mountains of the Jura, the birthplace of watchmaking, Louis Erard embodies the values of an unfailingly reliable Swiss mechanical timepieces. Combining luxury, timelessness and elegance, this independent brand is renowned for its mechanical watches and, in particular, its iconic regulators.

Are Louis Erard good watches?

The Excellence collection is arguably the finest range of watches offered by Louis Erard, created to mark the 80th anniversary of the brand. Featuring the iconic blue hands best associated with the watch maker’s timepieces, each piece is a true example of what makes Swiss watches so revered around the world.

Who made Louis watches?

Throughout the 19th century, the Louis Vuitton brand grew and expanded. Georges Vuitton had developed the LV monogram that appeared on all of its trunks. The company had begun emerging in new markets around the world.

Who owns Louis Erard?

Following serious financial problems in 1992, the Louis Erard brand changed hands. Then, after ten years of silence, it was purchased in 2003 by a group of private investors headed by Alain Spinedi.

Where is Louis Vuitton watches made?

Switzerland, known as the country that produces the best-quality watch parts for timepieces, is where Louis Vuitton got positions and movements for their first collection. The first-ever Louis Vuitton watch collection was established in 2002.

Are Louis Vuitton watches good quality?

They are well made watches in my opinion. I handled a few of them, including the tambour diver and GMT and LV Cup edition. Finishing and build quality are very good and the movements are well decorated.

Why are Louis Vuitton watches so expensive?

To own a product with the LV logo is to own something that is well-made. Their reputation for good quality continues to grow stronger decade after decade. Louis Vuitton uses only the highest quality materials to construct their products. The leather used in construction is very expensive.

Does Louis Vuitton make good watches?

Louis Vuitton may not have been in the watch game for long, but already, it’s made quite the mark. Since unveiling its first watch in 2002, the brand has been working steadily to amass a vast collection of timepieces that pair technological innovation with classic craftsmanship.

What makes a Louis Erard watch so special?

More than a machine, it is the soul of our watches. Once again, Louis Erard is going off the beaten track by combining contemporary design and high-end watchmaking expertise in fine stone and artisanal glass dials, geological time and mechanical precision, the visible signs of luxury and accessible fine watchmaking.

Where are the Louis Erard dials made at?

Louis Erard continues its odyssey in artistic craftwork. Still in a limited edition and with the same contemporary take on the tradition. Each dial is made piece by piece by hand guilloché in Switzerland, with an attention to detail normally reserved for the absolute top of the range. Lose yourself in this sea of green.

Why did Louis Erard set time in motion?

Because that is the spirit of our founder, Mr. Louis Erard. We set time in motion. At the heart of this process to capture the mechanics of time is the movement. Revisited, personalised, even exclusive, it is the crux of each of our creations. We feel it, wind it, set it beating.