Is Mrs Bridges Jam Good?

Is Mrs Bridges Jam Good?

Many reviewers said Mrs. Bridges Scottish Blackcurrant Preserves were the best, so I gave them a try. What a treat! They are sweet with a tartness to them, and taste like a cross between blackberries and cranberries.

Where is Mrs Bridges Jam made?

Based at their family run company in Arbroath on the east coast of Scotland, Mrs Bridges products are all manufactured with no additives, thus preserving tradition – and more importantly rich flavor.

What is Mrs Bridges Christmas preserve?

Christmas Preserve 113g: Sugar, Strawberries (24%), Blackcurrants (9%), Raspberries (9%), Redcurrants (3%), Red Wine (3%), Lemon Juice (from concentrate), Mixed Spice, Gelling Agent: Fruit Pectin, Acidity Regulator: Citric Acid.

Who played Mrs Bridges?

Angela BaddeleyUpstairs, Downstairs
Mrs. Bridges/Played by
Angela Baddeley, CBE (4 July 1904 – 22 February 1976) was an English stage and television actress, best-remembered for her role as household cook Mrs. Bridges in the period drama Upstairs, Downstairs. Her stage career lasted more than six decades.

Is Mrs Bridges Jam vegan?

Yes – the majority of our products are suitable for vegetarians, vegans and gluten-free diets.

What is Christmas preserve?

A rich dark plum conserve which has a strong fruity flavour, backed up by the smell of cinnamon and the warmth of mixed spices, reminiscent of a glass of mulled wine.

Is Mrs Bridges still alive?

Deceased (1915–2009)
Dorothy Bridges/Living or Deceased

What was Mrs Bridges first?

Kate Hudson
Mrs Kate Bridges Kate Hudson, née Bridges (1858–sometime after 1931) was the cook at 165, Eaton Place throughout the whole series.

Is Mrs Bridges Jam vegetarian?

What happened to Mary in Upstairs Downstairs?

Sir Geoffrey tells Richard to send Mary away, so she quits her job with the Bellamys, but she departs with a small gift of money from some of the servants.

What was Mrs Bridges first name in Upstairs, Downstairs?

Mrs Kate Bridges Kate