Is phiten real?

Is phiten real?

Phiten (ファイテン) is a Japanese company producing apparel, athletic tape, supports and braces, lotions and gels, necklaces and bracelets, health food, and other wellness-related products. Phiten also produces hair-care products under its beauty division, Yuko.

How do you clean a Phiten necklace?

We recommend hand-washing them occasionally with soap or diluted laundry detergent and leaving them out to air-dry. If this is not enough, you can try using laundry stain remover; follow application directions and hand wash afterward. Do not use bleach (even for white necklaces/bracelets) as this may affect the color.

Are titanium necklaces good for you?

With its strong ionizing effects, titanium promotes a balanced electrical current throughout the body better than any other metal and helps to counteract the negative electromagnetic waves in our environment. As a result, the wearer will notice reduced muscle stiffness/pain and even an improved metabolism.

Is phiten still around?

Company background. The company was founded in October 1983 by Yoshihiro Hirata in Japan with its corporate headquarters in Kyoto. In 2008, Phiten acquired a license for the NBA and in 2011, Phiten acquired a license for the NHL. Phiten operates over 100 retail store locations across Japan.