Is Ranelagh posh?

Is Ranelagh posh?

It’s almost inconceivable now, but time once was that Ranelagh was an unremarkable “flatland”, teeming with students and youngsters starting out their Dublin work life. Nowadays, it’s one of the most affluent and coveted addresses in the country, for many reasons.

When were houses in Ranelagh built?

The Ranelagh Gardens were so called because they occupied the site of Ranelagh House, built in 1688–89 by The 1st Earl of Ranelagh, an Anglo-Irish peer who was the Treasurer of Chelsea Hospital (1685–1702), immediately adjoining the Hospital; according to Bowack’s Antiquities of Middlesex (1705), it was “Designed and …

How many people live in Ranelagh?

1,268 people
People — demographics & education In the 2016 Census, there were 1,268 people in Ranelagh (State Suburbs). Of these 48.3% were male and 51.7% were female. Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander people made up 9.1% of the population. The median age of people in Ranelagh (State Suburbs) was 34 years.

Where does the name Ranelagh come from?

The locality became known as Ranelagh when a popular entertainment venue (now a public park) was established about 1770 and named Ranelagh Gardens after a similar venture of the same name in Chelsea, London. (The model and the name were also copied in other cities, including Liverpool, New York and Paris).

Is Ranelagh a nice area?

Ranelagh is a lovely area, very safe and not sketchy at all. It’s got great little restaurants, bars and cafés and it’s not dangerous at all. The canal walk is fine but very late at night there is a little bit of red light district activity.

Is Ranelagh a good place to live?

There are no two ways about it: Ranelagh is an attractive place to live. Tree-lined streets of Edwardian homes are kind of its thing. Plus it has a wealth of places to eat and drink, an active local community, and an ‘urban village’ feel that gives it a strong sense of identity.

How old is Ranelagh?

Ranelagh School
Type Secondary academy
Motto Coelitus Mihi Vires (My Strength is from Heaven)
Religious affiliation(s) Church of England
Established 1709

What was Ranelagh?

(ˈrænɪlə ) plural noun. a public garden in Chelsea opened in 1742: a centre for members of fashionable society to meet and promenade. The gardens were closed in 1804. Also called: Ranelagh.

Is Ranelagh Dublin safe?

Is Ranelagh a good area?

Ranelagh is a lovely area. It has a wealth of restaurants/pubs and shops too. The walk from there to city centre is very pleasant and safe, as long as you keep normal city street smarts about you.

What does Ranelagh mean in English?

(ˈrænɪlə ) plural noun. a public garden in Chelsea opened in 1742: a centre for members of fashionable society to meet and promenade. The gardens were closed in 1804.

Where is Ranelagh on the south side of Dublin?

Ranelagh. Ranelagh ( /ˈrænələ/ RAN-ə-lə, locally pronounced /ˈrɛnələ/; Irish: Raghnallach) is a residential area and urban village on the south side of Dublin, Ireland in the postal district of Dublin 6 .

Which is the best hotel to stay in Ranelagh?

The Devlin is one Dublin’s top boutique hotels and is the coolest place to stay in Ranelagh. The Devlin is so much more than your standard hotel.

Where is Ranelagh in the constituency of Pembroke?

Ranelagh is in the Local Electoral Area of Pembroke since 2019. From 2014 to 2019 it had been in Rathgar-Rathmines LEA and prior to that in Pembroke/Rathmines. It is located in the Dáil Constituency of Dublin Bay South with effect from the 2016 General Election, formerly Dublin South-East .

Where do Ranelagh Gaels play their home games?

Founded in 2003, Ranelagh Gaels first commenced competitive action in 2004. They recently topped the league in Division 9 and now competed in League 8, and grade C in the Dublin county championship. They play their home games in Bushy Park in Terenure, and train in UCD. They have recently started a ladies team, which competed in the league in 2010.