Is the 2016 Ram rebel reliable?

Is the 2016 Ram rebel reliable?

The 2016 Ram 1500 has an above-average reliability rating of four out of five from J.D. Power.

Is the RAM rebel fast?

The Dodge Ram 1500 Rebel was designed with the off-roader in mind. The truck is durable enough to take down trails, on camping trips, and for working on the back forty. The truck goes from 0-60 in just 6.4 seconds and has a top speed of 108 mph. Pretty impressive for a 1/2 ton pickup truck.

What is the difference between a RAM 1500 and a rebel?

The biggest difference between these two 2019 Ram 1500 models is the engine that powers them. The Laramie comes standard with the 5.7L HEMI® V8 engine, and the Rebel comes standardly equipped with the 3.6L Pentastar® V6 engine with eTorque.

What is the Ram Rebel package?

The Rebel is a new model for 2015. It has a new grille and tailgate which are different than the regular Ram Trucks. The Ram 1500 Rebel is not just a decal package. It is designed for use both on-road and off-road.

How many miles can a 2016 Ram 1500 last?

The Ram 1500 is a durable pickup truck that can last between 200,000 and 250,000 miles when properly maintained and not pushed beyond its working limits. Based on an annual mileage of 15,000 miles this equates to 13 – 17 years of service before repair costs become uneconomical.

How much horsepower does a 2016 Ram rebel have?

305 to 395 hp
2016 RAM 1500 Rebel/Horsepower

How fast can a Dodge rebel go?

The Ram 1500 has a top speed of 118 miles per hour, highlighting its horsepower.

How can I make my RAM rebel faster?

Performance Steps to Take to Make My RAM HEMI Really Fast

  1. Install a new high-flow, washable air filter in place of the restrictive factory filter.
  2. Replace the stock exhaust with a larger diameter unit and less restrictive muffler to reduce engine back pressure.
  3. Add a turbo kit for the ultimate performance upgrade.

What makes the Ram rebel special?

This truck boasts over-the-top exterior styling, including a unique grille, sport performance hood, powder-coated bumpers, LED headlamps and taillamps with black bezels, LED fog lamps, black wheel flares, a unique Ram scripted aluminum tailgate, and black dual exhaust (included with optional HEMI V8 engines).

What is different about dodge ram rebel?

The Rebel package is aimed more towards people that are interested in taking their trucks off-road. The Rebel package upgrade includes 18-inch wheels, an upgraded off-road-focused suspension, locking rear differential, Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, LED fog lamps, and a folding rear bench seat.

What is the Rebel 12 package?

With the Rebel 12 packages comes supple leather thrones and the gorgeous 12-inch display with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto support, along with SiriusXM with 360L. We found the materials and fit and finish to be noteworthy, and that the interior, despite its luxurious leanings, wore well during our test.