Is there a Suunto App for PC?

Is there a Suunto App for PC?

SuuntoLink is a desktop software that keeps your watch firmware up to date. Connecting your watch regularly to SuuntoLink ensures your watch works smoothly. Specifically for Suunto Ambit and Traverse family watches, SuuntoLink is the service connection that syncs exercises to Suunto app.

How do I connect my Suunto to my computer?

Connecting your Accounts

  1. Navigate to your Suunto app’s settings. On Android, select Settings > Account > Connect to other services.
  2. Connect to Strava.
  3. Accept that the Suunto app can connect to your Strava account.
  4. After your next workout is synced with the Suunto app it will be automatically transferred to Strava.

What is the difference between Suunto app and movescount?

Movescount is closing, and we are transitioning our digital services to Suunto app. The future end-state of what is currently will be where Ambit and Traverse watch owners will manage key watch functionality like settings, customization of sport modes and planning routes.

What is Suunto Moveslink?

Moveslink is a desktop software that keeps your Suunto watch or device up to date and in sync with Suunto Movescount service.

What apps work with Suunto?

Connect to your favorite sports services, such as Strava, Adidas Running, UA MapMyRun, Endomondo, TrainingPeaks, Relive, Sports Tracker and more.

How do I download Suunto movescount?

This site uses cookies Download and install SuuntoLink. After the download, install the software by double-clicking the downloaded file. Connect your watch to your computer. Connect your Suunto watch to your computer with the provided USB cable.

How do I sync my Suunto app and movescount?

iOS: Open Profile – Partners and check if Movescount is there. Android: Open Settings – Partners and check if Movescount is there. After entering your Movescount credentials, the data import will start automatically, and your Moves will be added to your Diary in the Suunto app.

How do I set up my Suunto watch?

Start the Suunto app and tap the ‘watch’ icon to enter the Watch view. If you did not allow the Suunto app to access your location, the app will ask you to Allow location. Suunto app will search for compatible devices. When your Suunto watch appears in the list of watches tap PAIR.

What is replacing Movescount?

Instead, they’d be moving to the ‘Suunto App’, which is a smartphone app-based strategy whereby they offload more advanced tasks to partner sites (aka Strava, TrainingPeaks, etc…).

How do I use Suunto and Suunto Movescount together?

What is replacing movescount?

How do I connect my moveslink to my Suunto account?

3. CONNECT TO SUUNTO MOVESCOUNT. Select “Connect to Movescount” and sign in to your account, or register if you don’t have an account yet. After connecting, Moveslink transfers your data to Movescount and keeps your device up to date.

How do I connect my Suunto device to my computer?

CONNECT YOUR DEVICE TO YOUR COMPUTER Connect your Suunto device to your computer via USB. Moveslink software opens automatically when the device is detected. Follow the on-screen instructions. 3. CONNECT TO SUUNTO MOVESCOUNT

Is there an app for Suunto Movescount?

Join the Suunto Movescount sports community with the free Suunto Movescount App. Use the App by itself, with Suunto Smart Sensor, or pair it with the Suunto watch form the Spartan Collection, Suunto Ambit3 collection or with Traverse.

Is there a software update for the Suunto watch?

Software updates. Software updates enhance the functionality of your Suunto products through new features and improvements. We strongly encourage you to install updates as soon as they are available. To update your Suunto watch: 1. Install SuuntoLink / MovesLink2 on your PC/Mac if you have not done so already.