Is there a tourist tax in Thailand?

Is there a tourist tax in Thailand?

BANGKOK — Thailand’s plan to impose a 500 baht ($15) tax on each incoming international visitor — possibly from 2022 — has the tourism industry concerned about possibly reducing the number of tourists as the country prepares to further reopen its borders amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

What do you have to declare at customs Thailand?

Personal belongings in reasonable quantity, which are worth no more than 20,000 baht in total and are not prohibited or restricted goods or food. No more than 200 cigarettes or 250g of tobacco or 250g of all types combined. No more than 1 litre of alcoholic beverage.

How much cash can you take out of Thailand?

Although you can take up to the equivalent of $20,000 out of the country if it’s in a foreign currency, different rules apply if you’re planning on taking out Thai baht. You’re only able to take up to THB 50,000 if you’re leaving the country with Thai currency. To give an idea, that’s around about USD 1500.

Is there a departure tax at Bangkok airport?

Since February 1, 2007 the 700 Baht international departure tax was included in the price of flight tickets. (The international departure tax is usually included in the cost of your ticket.

How much money can you bring at the airport?

In the United States, there is no limit on how much cash you can carry on domestic flights. When travelling internationally to the US (and most other countries) $10,000 USD (or equivalent) is the cash limit without declaring the cash you are bringing in to limit money laundering efforts.

How can I get money from Thailand?


  1. ATMs. Debit and ATM cards issued by a bank in your own country can be used at ATMs around Thailand to withdraw cash (in Thai baht only) directly from your account back home.
  2. Changing Money. Banks or private money changers offer the best foreign-exchange rates.
  3. Credit & Debit Cards.
  4. Exchange Rates.
  5. Tipping.

Can I fly with 20k cash?

If you are on a domestic flight in the US, there is no limit to the amount of cash or monetary instruments that you can carry. However, the TSA (Transportation Security Administration) security officers at the passenger screening area may ask a passenger who is carrying a large sum of cash to account for the money.

Can airport xrays detect cash?

TSA screeners can only seize objects that might imperil an airliner, and cash does not pose such a threat. Yet the screeners set the wheels in motion.