Is there a wiki for the Karneval manga?

Is there a wiki for the Karneval manga?

This is a wiki that archives the events that happen in the Karneval manga and anime; heavy spoilers can be easily spotted, policies must be followed, and you will always have a chance to edit an article. There is a lot of work to do! Welcome to the Karneval Wiki!

What is the purpose of the Karneval wiki?

Welcome to the Karneval Wiki! This wiki’s main focus is to illustrate the events that transpire in the manga Karneval and anime created by Touya Mikanagi. Please help us construct the articles to high standards, as well as creating new ones!

How did Nai and Gareki meet in Karneval?

Whilst being abused by Mine, Nai meets a boy named Gareki. He receives help from Gareki as they try to escape the town they are currently stationed in, with the Police Force rapidly tracing their every step. As they board a train, they encounter a man with exceptional abilities, and a girl with sharp moves.

What is the name of the German carnival?

Carnival is a regional festival and is celebrated in different ways according to different local traditions. It’s known as: Karneval in the Rhineland area; the backbone of the German carnival, t he Guilds of Fools enthrone their own princes and princesses to guide the fool’s folk into a “devilish” season.

What do they do in the Karneval parade?

As the floats pass by, the costumed revellers aboard pelt the street crowds with throws and sweets while they sing the many old Karneval songs. The Mariechen, acrobatic dancing troupes of girls entertain the crowds as part of the parade.

Who is Tsukumo in the Karneval manga?

Tsukumo is a skilled acrobat and her beauty is complimented by both men and women. She is the most level-headed out of the group, and tries to be the shoulder to lean on even though she has a hard time understanding others emotions. Tsukumo is close to Nai, and cares about his well-being.

Where is Karoku at the end of Karneval?

At the end of the second episode of the anime, however, it is implied that Karoku is held somewhere by Kafka. He is seen in a dark greenhouse full of roses with Eliška, the young granddaughter of a rich industrial who is implied to be the leader of Kafka. He sends messages to Nai through brain waves.