Is there an Underground city in Krakow?

Is there an Underground city in Krakow?

Standing on the cobblestones of Kraków’s historic market square, it would be easy to miss the 4,000-square-meter archaeological site/high-tech multimedia extravaganza a mere four meters below your feet, known as Rynek Underground.

Where is the entrance to the Underground museum in Krakow?

(The actual museum entrance is located on the side opposite St. Mary’s Basilica. Once you’ve negotiated the scrum of getting inside your experience begins with a short film projected on a wall of smoke, before following the trail of truly remarkable exhibits displayed in what is essentially an archaeological site.

How long does Rynek Underground take?

We ended up spending about 2 hours in the museum.

What can you do in Krakow for free?

Free Things To Do in Krakow

  • Walk through the Royal Route of Krakow.
  • Explore the Market Square Krakow.
  • Get a glimpse of Medieval life at The Cloth Hall.
  • Check out Rynek Underground.
  • Feel the music at St. Mary’s Church – Tower.
  • Climb to the top of Town Hall Tower.
  • Check out St.
  • Stroll in the beautiful Planty Park.

Are museums free in Krakow?

Many of Kraków’s museums and galleries have special days with free admission as part of their weekly opening hours. *Note that in the case of some museums, not all temporary exhibits may be free on the day indicated, but one of the main exhibits is, or we wouldn’t have listed it.

Is Wawel castle free?

A full tour of Wawel is hard but rewarding work, and can take several days. The complex is free to enter, and there is no ticket necessary to explore the castle grounds.

Is it free to go to Auschwitz?

Admission: Admission to Auschwitz-Birkenau is free, however, you have to pay for the guided tour with an educator.

How long does Wawel castle take?

The gardens and walls take an hour and a half to two hours. There are beautiful views over the city. Allow a good 3 or 4 hours to look around completely or take the whole day if you have the time.

How long does Schindler’s factory tour take?

How long does it take to visit Schindler’s Factory? The guided tour lasts ~1,5 hours.