Is Tom Stoppard married?

Is Tom Stoppard married?

Sabrina Guinnessm. 2014
Miriam Stoppardm. 1972–1992Josie Inglem. 1965–1972
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What other work is Stoppard famous for?

Stoppard wrote a number of radio plays, including In the Native State (1991), which was reworked as the stage play Indian Ink (1995). He also wrote a number of notable television plays, such as Professional Foul (1977).

Where is Tom Stoppard from?

Zlín, Czechia
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Who is Tom Stoppard married to now?

Who is Tom Stoppard’s wife?

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Who is Miriam Stoppard married to?

Christopher Hoggm. 1997
Tom Stoppardm. 1972–1992
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She married the industrialist Sir Christopher Hogg in 1997. The former MP Oona, Lady King is a niece, daughter of Preston King and Miriam’s sister.

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When was Tom Stoppard born?

July 3, 1937 (age 84 years)
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To say that Tom Stoppard was born in Zlín, in Moravia, is true, but it’s not the whole story. For Stoppard, stories are never whole. At his birth, on July 3, 1937, he was named Tomáš Sträussler—the second son of two Jewish Czechs, Eugen Sträussler and Marta Becková.

Does Tom Stoppard speak Czech?

He said: “I have not spoken Czech since I was about four. I do have an emotional response, but it’s not really to do with the fact I was born in the Czech Republic – that’s not central to my reason for being here. I’m here because [the cuts] are an example of a trend which makes losers of all of us.”

Why did Tom and Miriam Stoppard divorce?

But Kendal and Sir Tom remained linked professionally – Kendal was cast in his play Hapgood in 1988 – and at some point after she split with Rudman in 1990 she and Sir Tom embarked on an affair, which led to the break-up of his marriage to a devastated Miriam.

Who is Tom Stoppard and what is he famous for?

Sir Tom Stoppard OM CBE FRSL (born Tomáš Straussler; 3 July 1937) is a Czech-born British playwright and screenwriter.

When did the Stoppard family move to England?

In 1945, his mother, Martha, married British army major Kenneth Stoppard, who gave the boys his English surname and, in 1946, moved the family to England.

Where did Tom Stoppard go to boarding school?

He settled with his family in Britain after the war, in 1946, having spent the three years prior (1943–1946) in a boarding school in Darjeeling in the Indian Himalayas. After being educated at schools in Nottingham and Yorkshire, Stoppard became a journalist, a drama critic and then, in 1960, a playwright.