Is VariDesk a good brand?

Is VariDesk a good brand?

The Varidesk is well-made, oozes quality and is extremely solid and sturdy. I fully expect it will last for years. More Details: The Varidesk Pro has a single adjustable standing desk surface, and a lower level that sits right on the desk with an extendable keyboard tray for when you want to work sitting down.

Should I buy a VariDesk?

Overall we believe Varidesk is worth it, and it will be your adjustable companion for many years to come.

Is VariDesk real wood?

Even though the top is not real wood, it is very well done and LOOKS like real wood.

Is Vari the same as VariDesk?

Standing Desks & Office Furniture | VARIDESK is Now Vari®

Is VariDesk worth the money?

The Varidesk ProDesk 60 Electric is simply not worth the cost. It may be a serviceable product, but that doesn’t mean it should cost as much as it does. Either save your money or look into premium alternatives—your shins will thank you.

Is VariDesk Made in USA?

Our OEM manufacturer, K&A Mfg., Inc.

Is the uplift desk worth it?

The bottom line Overall, I strongly recommend the Uplift Bamboo Standing Desk if you’re tired of spending all day sitting. The height range is enough to accommodate most people, there are dozens of customization options, and the desk is built with sturdy, high-quality materials.

What is Varidesk made of?

MDF We use only the highest-quality medium-density fiberboard (MDF), which is built tough and strong for many years of use. Laminate All our desktop converters, full desks, and tables are made with top-grade, heavy-duty laminate.

Where are vari standing desks made?

With an overall rating of 7.7 out of 10, the VariDesk ProDesk 60 Electric was the seventh highest rated desk we have tested to date. Made in China, this was the best desk we have seen coming from that area. Like all desks we’ve tested, the ProDesk 60 Electric wasn’t perfect.

Where are vari desks made?

Is Varidesk Made in USA?