All you need to know about pseudo brands

Who and why pseudo modern brendita that in the minds of people, certain countries are associated with specific types of products. For example, we know that the best cars in Germany, there’s also brew the best beer and the best wine is made, of course, in France. When choosing a product at the supermarket, subject to affordable prices, consumers will prefer Italian pasta and Brazilian coffee. They will be willing to pay for foreign goods higher amount.

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Of course, marketers could not take advantage as the nationality of the brand. And because the light appeared pseudo modern brands. Brands in its advertising campaigns and concepts, clearly associated with a specific country (English tea), though it is not the product. To go behind examples far it is not necessary. In neighboring Russia, today we find many domestic brands are positioning themselves as foreign: Akira(Japan), Bosch (Germany), Bosch (Germany), “l’etoile” and “Rive Gauche”(France), tea (England).

Advantages pseudo name trademarks seem obvious. First- she already has a certain image. English tea will be easier to sell than the Russian. It is much more beneficial to look on the shelves of supermarkets. After all, everyone knows what England is best to make tea. But by positioning the product this way, you should be very careful. In addition to competitors who can easily play on your Pseudo names and thereby to grab your share of the market (so did the British company for the production of porcelain the Royal Doulton with the slogan sounded: “Royal Doulton. Porcelain from Stoke-on-Trent, England vs. Lenox, the China of Pomona, new Jersey”), you should pay attention to the timely release of product. If the counter of the supermarket for several tens of English teas”, it is for your brand there simply may not “enough space”.

Should not be abused and advertising of the product. For example, to say that Bork products are made in Germany and is in any case impossible. After all, this is an outright lie! But to use a neutral slogan like “German quality” (which elected the company) is possible.

And it’s interesting that each country has its own narrow specialization, which knows the whole world. Magazine Sales Business allocates the following types of specialization:

  • Brazil, Colombia – coffee;
  • UK – Jin;
  • Germany – cars, appliances, beer, household chemical goods;
  • The Netherlands – flowers, cheese;
  • India, Sri Lanka – tea;
  • Iran – carpets;
  • Italy – shoes, clothing, sports cars, vermouth;
  • Norway – fish delicacy;
  • Russia – vodka, caviar, furs, and weapons;
  • USA – jeans, cars, computers, cigarettes;
  • Finland mobile phones, dairy products, meat delicacies;
  • France – perfumes, cosmetics, cognac, wine, champagne, fashion;
  • Czech Republic – beer, crystal;
  • Switzerland – banks, watches, cheese, chocolate;
  • Scotland – whiskey;
  • South Africa – diamonds;
  • Japan – electronics, cars.

Advantages to using pseudo names of the brand include such factors as:

  • cheaper advertising campaign. German beer is easier to advertise than the Russian;
  • the game is on the Outlook of consumers. Italian pasta is the best. So says almost every woman;
  • it is easier to promote the brand when entering the Western market;
  • historic moment. Hardly anyone believes nice cars.