What marketers are not telling to their executives Part 2

You pay for everything. Due to the fact that in the tender wins my Agency, I get, shall we say, not the best deals in the market. In the end, you are paying for something that I don’t use new, effective communication channels. You pay a lot of money for advertising, which could get three times cheaper. And I will not guarantee that this money is spent effectively. So, I confess, this never was intended. Because…

I’m good living at your expense. In this arrangement, I get to my a good salary raise. It all depends on the size of the budget. In medium-sized companies I get kickbacks on three bills. In large I have the opportunity to obtain between $10 thousand and above. Yes, you read that right – ten thousand dollars. The higher your budget, the more my earnings. As said Buzz Lightyear “to Infinity – and beyond!”

I’m more important than the size of the budget, not the strategy. Until you are ready to allocate the budgets, everything else I don’t care. Because I get a percentage of the budget. And my well-being and future of my children depends on my salary, and the size of the kickbacks, which, in turn, directly depend on the size of your advertising budget. And when you suggest a new strategy, emphasis on new technologies, innovative products and risk management, I first think about the arguments for increasing the budget. Innovative product? To the new people we are not ready, they need more to stimulate. It turns out, more contact, high cost, and other blah-blah-blah.

My position is you don’t need. After I ensured the victory in the tender to the right Agency, in the office I have nothing to do. So I grind the skills of sight rapid work. I have the best presentation in the world. I of all people know how to throw dust in the eyes. What do I do really? I have children, I go to endless vacations, and all the other cases I have the magic set of excuses: “the meeting”, “training”, “vacation”, “Sick”. And so on, in a circle.

I eat your profit. Crisis? No opportunities for business development? It’s a fairy tale for owners. Now the Internet is available for $100 to as much customers as for the $10 million two years ago. The advertising market has changed. Prices fell for the advertising, the market is full of cheap and effective solutions such as mobile marketing, social networks. Press offers innovative solutions that will allow us to define our brand. Sites give audience comparable to the audience of some TV channels – ten times cheaper. And you could spend at least half, and to at least two times more. That’s just you don’t want to. Because…

Fools like you less. Yes, they are still enough to make a market fed by inert top managers, who have no time to learn new approaches. No, I’m not going to kill the one who will bring our office a copy of MMR. Because you’re constantly busy, you have no time to read. You have “everything burns”. Relax, I’ll be fine without you. Me at this place so cozy and comfortable. Without special knowledge, without any MVA, without straining, I get a month of sums who are jealous even people with MBA. And you don’t have to send me to trainings and refresher courses, I’ll draw a business system or schedule on “dead dogs” and “cash cows”. I don’t need it. I get out of life only because of my exceptional ability to “cut budgets”. So why should I change something?

The hierarchy of priorities of the corrupt marketer:

Advertising budget – the size of the rollback – Care for children – home renovations – Next vacation – the Visit to the vet – Professional growth relationship with the Agency, the Interests of the company