Was Neji stronger than Sasuke?

Was Neji stronger than Sasuke?

His gentle fist fighting style was formidable, and he had a nearly impenetrable defense. With this in mind, Neji clearly seems stronger than Sasuke in some ways. Alone, these powers might not be enough to take Sasuke down, but all together, Neji could definitely win over Sasuke.

Would Neji beat Sasuke?

Neji = Neji wins. He was stronger than Lee who beat Sasuke with no difficulty at all whatsoever. Chunin Exams Sasuke vs. Neji = Neji wins again most likely, though if Sasuke uses his Curse Seal he could take it.

Can Neji beat Sasuke in chunin exams?

During the chunin exams, Sasuke could keep up with Gaara’s sand, and again, he has the Sharingan, so it would be very hard for him to get hit. along with the Second Databooks clear representation of the difference between Kido, Neji, and Sasuke. Neji wins this.

Does Neji like Sasuke?

The relationship between Neji and Sasuke is considered a crack pairing. There is not much evidence was shown in the manga and anime. This pairing is supported could be due to their similar personalities and they had the same eyes of hatred in Part I; Neji hates the Hyuga main branch and Sasuke hates Itachi.

Was Neji the strongest Hyuga?

Neji Hyuga was a member of the branch family of the Hyuga clan, however, despite that, he was considered to be a genius. As an adult, hardly anyone could use the Byakugan, and Neji could, which says a lot about his skill. To date, he remains to be the best Byakugan user among the humans in the Naruto series.

Is Byakugan stronger than Sharingan?

Between the two I would have to say that the Byakugan does beat the Sharingan. Many of the Sharingans abilities are done better by the Byakugan, such as the the Byakugans better vision, Chakra seeing capabilities, etc. The Mangekyo easily overshadows any advantage the Byakugan has.

Who does Neji have a crush on?

Among the Fans. NejiTen is a relatively popular couple in the fandom. It is one of the most popular pairings involving Neji and the most popular pairing involving Tenten. It’s likely supported due to their strong friendship and their trust for one another.

Who is stronger Sasuke or Kakashi?

By the end of the series, there is no doubt that Sasuke is stronger than Kakashi. However, Sasuke clearly passes him by the end and achieves a god-like form to defeat Kaguya. The two would have an incredible fight, but, even with one arm, it is hard to see Sasuke losing that match.